Yes, You Can. Break Free From These 36 Bad Habits

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We all struggle with them. Bad habits are holding you back and it’s time you do something about it. Change. Become a better person.

  1. How To Stop Nail Biting
  2. Nail biting is a habit that affects 1 in 4 children and more surprisingly, 1 in 2 adults.

    • Keep a nail clipper or filer nearby at all times.
    • Acrylic nails will make it almost impossible to bite, but more importantly you will get used to having nails on your fingers, which is a very odd feeling if you’re not used to having them there.
    • Stop biting one nail. Let it grow out, keep biting the others. Then add one more and one more, and quite soon you’ll prefer being symmetrical to biting your nails. Think of it as ground work for habit breaking.
    • Nail polish tastes awful and wearing it serves as an effective deterrent.
    • Wear bandaids to heal the fingers and to serve as a reminder that you’re trying to help your nails.
    • Wear gloves.

  3. How To Stop Thumb sucking
  4. Not only babies but adults suck their thumb too, especially alone in bed before going to sleep. Most thumb suckers get a feeling of comfort when sucking their thumbs and is often used to get over anxiety.

    • Tape your thumbs.
    • Put nail polish. The taste will serve as a deterrent.
    • Wear socks around your hand. Boxing gloves are most effective.
    • Hug your mom, dad, brother, sister, partner. If not, hug a pillow as an alternative each time you feel anxious. The gentle pressure of a hug can stimulate nerve endings under the skin that send calming messages to the brain and slow the release of cortisol.

  5. How To Stop Scratching
  6. Neurodermatitis is the itch scratch cycle where you scratch a patchy skin, making the area even itchier where you’ll eventually scratch simply out of habit.

    • Baking soda cures all types of itch and irritations.
    • So does apple cider vinegar. Both are natural acid neutralizers, soothing and has anti inflammatory effects that relief itching and prevent further irritation. Here’s a list of the other many wonders of apple cider vinegar.
    • Apply a thick paste made out of oatmeal and water. Apply to affected area. Avenanthramides is the compound responsible for its anti irritating effects. The less processed the oats, the more avenanthramides there is.
    • Apply aloe vera gel. It is a mild anesthetic, and helps to relieve itching, swelling, and pain. It is also antibacterial and anti fungal, and works by increasing blood flow to wounded areas, stimulating fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for wound healing. It’s one of the many medicinal plants worth your garden space.
    • Keep your fingernails short.

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How To Overcome These 11 Unfair Disadvantages Of Being Left Handed

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It is estimated that around 10% of the world is left handed. While it is true that left handers process language, spatial relations and emotions in more diverse and potentially creative ways, the world is made for right handers. What makes left handers special is that they are generally more adept at using the weaker hand than a right hander.

Some of the biggest geniuses were left handed. Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Ford, Ayrton Senna, etc.

Below are a list of 11 solutions to the many challenges of being a dominant left hander.

  1. How Left Handed Handwriting Should Be
  2. It’s all about the paper. Grip the pen/pencil 1 inch from the tip and slant the paper until your hand is constantly below your writing. Or, tilt the paper the other way. This way, you prevent smudging the ink all over and your wrist is at a neutral position.

  3. Writing On Notebook Binders
  4. Write from the back of the notebook forward or write only on the left side of the page (binders on right). Do know that if you intend to write on both pages, you face exactly the same problem as a right hander. Or, you can totally avoid the inconvenience by getting notebooks where the spiral is at the top.

  5. Using The Scissors
  6. A right handed scissors will never feel comfortable for a leftie. Either handed scissors are made asymmetrical to fit our hands. It is natural for the thumb to push out while the other 4 fingers pull in. That is why as a leftie, you tend to force the cutting blades laterally apart. Moreover, when using a right handed scissors, a leftie will have trouble seeing what is being cut. A temporary solution would be to twist your hand all the way around to cut. Otherwise, solve the issue by having with you either an ambidextrous or left handed scissors. A thing to note is that a left handed scissors is most comfortable as it is more ergonomic than the ambidextrous scissors.

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