These 23 Things Are Sure To Make You Feel Young And Alive

Age is nothing but just a number. Your true age is determined by overall health, cognitive function, and disability rate.

Here are the 23 things that everyone regardless of age should do regularly to stay young at heart.

  1. Eat Right
  2. Staying disability free should be your goal. The Okinawans have excelled in this area for a long time. Strong, healthy and full of energy. So, if you haven’t, start eating right today. Check out these excellent diet plans and begin accumulating your vigor. You’ll need it on the journey to rediscovering your youth.

  3. Falling In Love
  4. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you fall in love. You can’t wait to see the person again, you feel like dancing all the time, you can’t stop smiling and not to mention, even the sky is bluer and the grass looks greener. Suddenly, you are a giggly teenager.

  5. Making Love
  6. When you have sex, you’re bathing the skin in anti-inflammatory molecules such as oxytocin and beta endorphins. As we get older, we don’t heal as often as we repair. But having sex can turn the clock back on that. It will also boost your immune system, prevent stagnation, stave off skin dryness and improve skin elasticity. However, it doesn’t mean that if you pleasure yourself everyday, you will look 18 for the rest of our life.

  7. Music
  8. Listen to your favourite songs from when you were young. Songs of a different time. Songs that bring back memories of parties and lost love. Songs that inspired you. The Platters, Queen, Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Coldplay, U2, James Brown, and the greatest of all, The Beatles.

  9. Concert
  10. When your favourite artistes come to town, do not miss the opportunity to dress up and have fun. The experience of being there in person, live, is very exciting. Seeing the artiste on stage and singing along to the songs with a like minded crowd is a memory worth creating.

  11. Dancing
  12. Dancing makes you feel free, young and alive. Regardless if you have already mastered the perfect technique or not, dancing connects you to your artistic self and acts as an escape from your daily life. All the effort you put in and all the sweat that eventually runs down your face will give you a sense of achievement. Dancing will also build your self esteem.

  13. Lose Weight
  14. Counteract the aging effect by losing extra weight slowly. Eat right to nourish your body and exercise more to tone your muscles. Eventually, you will have a sharper face profile. You may even have to buy new clothes. Then, you will tend to be happier and more energetic, further enhancing the look and feel of being younger.

  15. Compete
  16. You don’t need a life-threatening experience for a reason to live. However, there is nothing like a good thrill to rejuvenate your spirits. Sign up for triathlons, marathons, dancing competitions, cooking competitions or any competitive event to get your adrenalin rush fix.

  17. Pets
  18. Having and caring for a pet is great for both your physical and emotional health. Owning a pet keeps you in motion. Taking the dog for outdoor walks and cleaning up after a mess are some of the things you will be doing regularly. Plus, your pet’s antics will bring laughter and humor into your life, encouraging you to do things for them in playful ways. Your life will be less lonely, a big plus point especially if you live by yourself.

  19. Volunteer
  20. Doing good for others and the community provides you with a natural sense of accomplishment, pride and identity. Studies have found that volunteering is especially beneficial for older adults as it lowers mortality rate, regardless of the health of the participants.

  21. Laugh
  22. Smile. See the funny in everything. Joke around more often. Feel like a child again giggling at random things. When you laugh, you elevate your moods, build rapport easily, exercise your diaphragm, abdomen, shoulders and increase blood flow throughout your body.

  23. Learn
  24. Keep up with today’s ever changing technology. Learn to use Facebook better. Explore pinterest. Master your smartphone. Master the cool and trendy and be up to date with the youth of this generation. When you expand your mind with lifelong learning, you will never feel left out of conversations.

  25. Blow Bubbles
  26. Never ever be without a bottle of bubbles. Blow them out the door, blow them out the car window while stopped at a light, blow them out in the grocery store parking lot. There is something about bubbles that just seem to make people smile.

  27. Jump Into The Pool
  28. When at a deep enough pool, jump in. Have fun.

  29. Build With Lego
  30. Maintain your creativity, motor skills and hand-eye coordination with Lego blocks. Build buildings, vehicles or even entire cities. Run with your imagination and build whatever you want.

  31. Ice Cream
  32. Stand in line with the kids for ice cream. When your ice cream cone arrives, really, truly enjoy it. Just like when you did when you were a child.

  33. Watch TV Shows
  34. Discover the ones with high ratings and popular among young adults. You cannot go wrong with comedy.

  35. Babysitting
  36. Nothing brings out the kid in you faster than playing with a cute baby.

  37. Dress Well
  38. Identify role models who have aged gracefully and follow their great, classy looks. Helen Mirren, George Clooney, Stephanie Seymour, Tom Cruise, Christie Brinkley, Brad Pitt, Julianne Moore, Robert Downey Jr, etc. Be a little bolder. If you could, slap on a bit of makeup, wear jewellery, put on some bright colored clothes, and slip on a pair of boots. Look young, feel young.

  39. Watch Your Favourite Sports Team Live
  40. It’s special when you make that extra effort to go and watch it live in the stadium. The tailgating, the crowd, the excitement, the noise. It grows your passion towards your team. Moreover, you won’t get stuck watching the same commercial 10 times over the course of the game.

  41. Visit A Nursing Home
  42. Doing so teaches you to be content with all that you have. Your visit will also help lift their spirits.

  43. Discover New Sensations
  44. Taste new food. Wear a different perfume. Listen to a new artiste. Visit an art exhibition and spend time admiring the artwork. Go out of your routine once in a while and discover the very many exciting things that the world is waiting to offer you.

  45. Go On A Jumbo Curly Water Slide
  46. Get wet, feel alive and just have fun.

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What a load of shit,unless you’ve lived your life young and Done all those young things you should do n enjoyed every minute it’s upto the individual but hey just have a good time when you’re young…. You have tools xxxx

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