23 Greatest All-Natural Skin Care Tips

The skin is one of the most important organs in your body. It is the front line of the immune system, completely protecting your body from head to toe from pathogens. The skin helps to regulate your body’s temperature and allows us to experience the sensation of touch. Culturally, your skin defines the standard for beauty. To revitalize skin and slow the aging process, it is of utmost importance to care for it as naturally as possible.

  1. Sleep Better
  2. Most people have experienced sallow skin and puffy eyes after a few nights of missed sleep. But it turns out that chronic sleep loss can lead to lackluster skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. In excess amounts, cortisol can break down skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic.

    Nothing is more important than getting enough quality sleep. And out of all 5 states of sleep, deep(delta) sleep influences your health the most for it is the only time your body releases growth hormones that keep you young. If you are under 40, a total of 1 hour a night (of deep sleep) is normal. If you seem to have trouble sleeping, follow these tips to sleep better tonight. Your sleep position is of significance too.


These 23 Things Are Sure To Make You Feel Young And Alive

Age is nothing but just a number. Your true age is determined by overall health, cognitive function, and disability rate.

Here are the 23 things that everyone regardless of age should do regularly to stay young at heart.

  1. Eat Right
  2. Staying disability free should be your goal. The Okinawans have excelled in this area for a long time. Strong, healthy and full of energy. So, if you haven’t, start eating right today. Check out these excellent diet plans and begin accumulating your vigor. You’ll need it on the journey to rediscovering your youth.

  3. Falling In Love
  4. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you fall in love. You can’t wait to see the person again, you feel like dancing all the time, you can’t stop smiling and not to mention, even the sky is bluer and the grass looks greener. Suddenly, you are a giggly teenager.

  5. Making Love
  6. When you have sex, you’re bathing the skin in anti-inflammatory molecules such as oxytocin and beta endorphins. As we get older, we don’t heal as often as we repair. But having sex can turn the clock back on that. It will also boost your immune system, prevent stagnation, stave off skin dryness and improve skin elasticity. However, it doesn’t mean that if you pleasure yourself everyday, you will look 18 for the rest of our life.


Types Of Makeup You Should Know About. Here’s A List Of 29 Items!

The first step in your journey to truly master the art of makeup is to recognize and understand all the various different types of makeup tools you have at your disposal.

A woman with makeup on portrays herself as a person who takes care of herself and her looks. Makeup is basically made to accentuate your best features and conceal ones that make you feel insecure. So when you appear prettier, you draw attention and develop your self confidence. When you are confident, you become productive, assertive and contribute more in terms of actions and opinions, yes? ☺

Below each type of makeup item are links to products that are highly recommended by people who have used them before. Do click on the product title or image to find out more. You may eventually find it cheaper to buy online, even with shipping costs counted in!

    Types Of Makeup For The Face

  1. Face Primer
  2. face primer type of makeup

    A face primer is one of the best types of makeup to ensure everything stays on longer. They are relatively new products so few drugstore brands make primers. They pamper the skin and create a protective barrier. Primers are excellent for people with combination to oily skin. Just apply after moisturizing your face and let it sink into the skin for a few minutes before carrying on with your regular foundation routine.

    Most face primers come in 1oz tubes and lasts you quite long as the amount you need is usually smaller than a nickel. Get these two highly recommended face primers below at a discounted rate!

    Foundation Makeup Primer by Delicate Caress

    This product by Delicate Caress Cosmetics is like magic. It will make your skin smooth and soft, even everything out and produce a perfect skin surface.

    Primed and Poreless by Too Faced

    This one of a kind makeup primer was scientifically formulated to wear under bronzers and foundation powders, or alone, to achieve the look of flawless skin without makeup. Vitamins A and C, mulberry extract and a powerful dose of retinol virtually banish pores while tired skin is left hydrated, firmer, and detoxified.