How To Stop Overworking Yourself

Working too much has dire consequences such as these. No one can actually help you unless you help yourself. Being aware of the problem is the first step. Next, try to apply these tips below to stop yourself from working too much. Making changes to your life may make you uncomfortable at first but putting yourself and the people you love at heart, will motivate you.

  1. Plan Your Days
  2. Develop a weekly routine. Schedule non-work activities around work. Try not to underestimate the time required to complete your work related tasks so that you can commit to your schedule. Continuously create plans, that involve other people, for every weekend. This will give you something interesting to look forward to.

  3. Work Smart, Not Hard
  4. Assess each and every aspect of your task. List down the things that need to be done. Delegate well. Being highly productive in a shorter time allows you to achieve more out of life.


8 Ways Being A Workaholic Ruins Your Life

Unlike an ordinary employee or entrepreneur, a workaholic lacks balance in life. The thought of work will always linger in their mind even if they are away from it. Some get to a point where they work not to finish up assignments or for career gains, but rather to satisfy the psychological need to work. Workaholism, 1 of 14 addictions haunting humanity today, will lead to these destructive behaviors below if nothing is done to address the problem.

  1. Unable To Keep To Work Time Frame
  2. Workaholics spend much more time working than initially intended.

  3. Unable To Work With Others
  4. Less effective and uncooperative working as part of team. A workaholic will tend to find trouble delegating or entrusting his co-workers, leading to organizational chaos due to taking on too much work at once.


How To Stop Video Game Addiction

The Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have shown that areas of the brain that generate rewarding feelings are activated during game play. Make no mistake, video game addiction is a real addiction and it can ruin lives if no steps are taken to correct the habit. Below are 11 of the most effective ways to stop being addicted to video games.

  1. Cold Turkey
  2. Be serious and go cold turkey. Hardest but fastest. Setting a time limit won’t help. Either throw your console out the window or sell it. Delete your online character. Uninstall everything. Realize that you are wasting your life and will ruin your health. Make up your mind and do something better. Become addicted to that and reap the benefits. The bottom line is that you are not going to get rid of your addiction until you stop enjoying it.

  3. Plan Your Day
  4. Prepare a daily agenda for yourself and remain consistent following it. You may find it difficult to stick to schedules at first but they are a good way of adding structure to your day.