14 Ways You Affect Your Health By Playing Too Much Video Games

An average of 9% of the world’s gamers have an addiction problem. Whether if the problem is with gaming on a portable unit, a console or a computer, excessively playing will eventually ruin your personal and professional life. Video games addiction, 1 of 14 dreadful addictions beleaguring civilization today, can be as bad as any other addiction although it is very similar to internet addiction. Male children and youths are the ones most affected.

  1. Sleep Deprivation
  2. As work and school take up a big chunk of a person’s time, gamers tend to sacrifice valuable sleep time to squeeze in a few extra hours for gaming. Continual disruption of normal sleeping patterns may lead to insomnia, upsetting a person’s general well being.


The Best 17 Tips On Overcoming Compulsive Shopping

For many compulsive shoppers, their habits start out as something manageable and immensely enjoyable. Over time, it becomes second nature for them to turn to shopping and spending to elevate their mood when they’re feeling depressed, anxiety-ridden, angry or lonely. Regardless of where you are in the world, over spending can only mean trouble. It is so difficult not to give into the instant gratification that we have been programmed to satisfy but these 17 very useful tips should bring you successfully back to a well balanced lifestyle.

  1. Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
  2. Stay away from your usual circle of shopaholic friends and family. You have no idea how influential they can be to you when it comes to the activity that you enjoy most. At least avoid them until you’ve found yourself a solid financial foundation.

  3. Cash Is King
  4. Cut up all your credit cards for they only encourage you to spend what you don’t have. Counting out cold, hard cash when you want to make a purchase pushes you to think. Letting go of money becomes harder. With credit cards, you will not see your exact spending until the end of the month where you may get a shock upon receiving the bill. So… snip, snip! As an alternative to the only benefit of having a credit card, start storing away an emergency fund worth 6 months of your salary.


The 7 Consequences Of Being A Shopaholic

Almost 20 million Americans are obsessed with shopping. Nearly 80% affected are female. Being addicted to shopping can be just as destructive as being addicted to alcohol or drugs. The addicted get the same kind of surge in brain chemicals when they anticipate shopping as when an alcoholic anticipate drinking. The pleasure derived from the chemicals is evident when the addict becomes elated by the thought of shopping. It’s usually clothing and shoes for women, gadgets for men. A compulsive shopper will be able to easily identify with these 7 adverse aftereffects.

  1. Buying Things You Don’t Need
  2. Finding something for a great price/value makes you feel like you need it even when you don’t. Like buying another pair of Converse shoes even though your current one is fine. The magical words ‘50% SALE’ is enough to justify spending $80 on a $160 dress. You don’t even know if you’ll have an opportunity to wear the dress or have the time to play with the gadget. The consideration changes from whether if you need it to whether if you need to have it. After a short while, you’ll feel like you’ve outgrown them and start to give them away. Boredom gets the better of you, motivation kicks in and the next cycle of spending begins.