8 Ways To Successfully Recover From Sex Addiction

Admissions for treatment of compulsive sexual behaviour or addiction is almost as much as for other addictions like alcoholism, addictive gambling and overeating. Like other addictions, sexual compulsivity is a progressive type of impulse control behavior disorder. By ignoring it, sexual addiction often leads to serious negative consequences.

  1. Understanding Your Addiction
  2. Anyone can overcome any addiction. We have free will, the very thing that can get us in and out of trouble. All living things have 2 basic instincts. Survival and replication. Sexual addiction is construed as the misuse of a natural drive, pretty much like overeating, and overworking. It is different from artificial drives created by substances such as alcoholism, smoking, and caffeine addiction. Unlike substance influenced addiction, attempting to completely eliminate a natural drive based addiction such as compulsive sex pits you against nature.

  3. Awareness
  4. The universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, whilst at the same time it is accurate that for every cause, there is a definite effect. Imagine a row of 10 light bulbs. Each bulb that lights up is a warning sign that will eventually lead to the other until the 10th bulb (which represents addictive sex). You may think that the urge to indulge in addictive sex may suddenly come out of the blue but in actual fact, there is a long chain of events that lead you there. Each bulb is a group of thoughts, feelings, behaviours, urges and fantasies that represent the process of lighting up all 10 bulbs. When your personal behavioral chain is pulling and you don’t try to break it until it’s too late, then you’ve gone and gotten yourself just in the place you’ve been trying to avoid.


The 11 Terrible Consequences Of A Compulsive Sex Addict

Did you know that there are as much as 16 million sex addicts in the US alone? 12% are estimated to be women. A person can be easily addicted to sex as dopamine released by the brain during intercourse and eventually orgasm, produces a very pleasurable kind of high similar to cocaine. Once hooked, sex addiction which is 1 of 14 other addictions, can be real hard to break. Like drugs, the high feeling of sex and orgasm becomes a need in an addict’s life, prompting everything else to take a backseat in priority. As a result, the sex addict will face these 11 consequences.

  1. Loss of Self Esteem
  2. Many sex addicts are likeable people who are intellectual, successful, and personable. However, they have spent a great deal of time and effort hiding the insecurities deep within themselves. They are adept in portraying an affable personality from the outside but are actually hollow, adrift and deserted inside.

  3. Incrementing Intensity
  4. Getting high is never static. As a result, tolerance develops. Tolerance is defined as a need for increased amounts, intensity and frequency of sexual activity to achieve the desired effect. There is also a diminished effect with continued use of the same amount, intensity and frequency of sexual behavior. The compulsion for more sex with increased frequency and intensity is a hallmark characteristic of sexual addiction.


The 11 Negative Effects Of Bad Relationships

There are people out there, younger ones and girls especially, who find themselves constantly involved in disappointing relationships. There always seem to be something missing. Your needs are not met and your emotions go through a rollercoaster whenever the person is around. If you are in one, then sadly, you are setting yourself up for failure without even knowing it. Below is a list of negative consequences that you can expect from a bad relationship.

  1. Substance Abuse
  2. There are men and women who just love living on the edge. However, the lifestyle may not be ‘legal’. You know it and you still want to, but going into a relationship with a person who is into substance abuse isn’t cool. It’s dangerous as your life is at risk of crumbling down to pieces.

  3. Unprotected Sex
  4. Taking chances is exciting as you’ll never know what’s coming next. In the heat of the moment, many people do things that they’ll regret later. Unplanned pregnancy is one of them. Did you know that way back in 1999, there already were some 80 million unintended pregnancies worldwide? 42 million abortions resulted in the same year.

    Having unprotected sex places you at higher risk for STDs. If he or she has been sleeping with others behind your back, the risk is even higher. Many STDs have no symptoms when you are first infected, so you may have an infection without knowing it.