Medical Science

How Does A Cell Look Like?

The cell is the smallest functioning structure of all living organisms. It is also known as ‘the building block of life’. The average human body has an estimated 100 trillion cells and a typical cell size is about 10 micrometer. Below are a list of 8 common cells found in organisms. That is how cells look like under a light microscope.

The Red Blood Cell

It’s job is to carry oxygen to other cells all over the body.

The White Blood Cell

provides protection from foreign cells and infections. A lot more can be seen near sites of infections.

The Amoeba

It is a type of protozoa, moves a lot and is highly active.

Sea urchin egg and sperm

The above is a picture of countless sperms trying to penetrate an already fertilized egg. You can see a barrier layer of membrane formed clearly at the lower right are of the circle.

The Sperm

Little soldiers of the male species.

Blood Clot

A blood clot is the cause of decreased blood flow through a vessel.

Eating up foreigners

Notice the fluorescent glow in the white cells. Those are engulfed particles in the tummy of white blood cells.


The one above is called a Diatom. Planktons play an important role in producing, consuming and recycling organic material in freshwater and marine communities.

Medical Science

One of the Biggest Lies About Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners
Pretty dangerous stuff to diabetics

Medical Science

5 Pressure Points To Relieve Body Discomforts

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) technique that involves placing physical pressure by hand, elbow on different acupuncture points on the surface of the body to relieve symptoms. Here are 5 pressure points that you and I can work on at any time and anywhere. Just use the thumbs, fingers, palms, the side of the hand, or knuckles to apply steady, stationary pressure. To relax an area or relieve pain, apply pressure gradually and hold without any movement for several minutes at a time.

  1. (A) Heavenly Pillar
  2. Relieves stress, over exhaustion, insomnia, heaviness in the head, eyestrain, stiff necks, swollen eyes, and sore throats.

  3. (B) Heavenly Rejuvenation
  4. Relieves nervous tension and stiff necks; increases resistance to colds and flu. It is also good for the lungs.

  5. (C) Crooked Marsh
  6. Relieves nervous stomach, anxiety, arm pain, elbow pain, and chest discomfort.

  7. (D) Inner Gate
  8. Relieves nausea, anxiety, palpitations, and wrist pain.

  9. (E) Spirit Gate
  10. Relieves emotional imbalances, fear, nervousness, anxiety, and forgetfulness.