Egg Shell Powder Is The World’s Most Underrated Calcium Source

I googled top 10 sources of calcium and NONE listed egg shell powder as a source. 😕 I personally eat soft boiled eggs everyday and always consume the fallen, cracked, bits and pieces of egg shell together with the yolk and white.

Here are 9 reasons why the egg shell is such an underrated source of calcium.

  1. Egg Shell’s Calcium Content Is Huge
  2. dairy products such as eggs, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt

    Which simply means that just 1 egg’s shell meets much more than your 1 day’s RDI! 😮

  3. Bioavailability Of Egg Shell Calcium
  4. white and brown egg

    Egg shells are potentially better than food grade purified calcium carbonate. However, calcium from the shells of organic eggs (88%) are much more bioavailable compared to non-organic ones (48%).

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The 20 Best Healthy Diet Plans 🍎 To Lose Weight Fast For Women/Men

These 20 healthy diet plans are the most popular in the world, for a reason. Basically, the common theme is to eat more natural, unprocessed food such as fresh vegetables, meat, whole grains, and fruits. So if you are thinking of losing weight, any one of these 20 healthy diet plans will work for you, regardless if you are a man or woman (unless you are a panda 🐼 cause pandas only eat bamboo).

“People ALWAYS overestimate what they can do in 3 months and underestimate what they can do in 3 years. 👊💥” -Chris Chee

  1. The 5:2 Diet Plan
  2. tostada of the healthy diet plan

    As far as healthy diet plans go, the 5:2 diet plan is a relatively easy to follow diet program. Eat regularly for 5 days while going on a 500kcal (women) or 600kcal (men) fast for 2 non consecutive days every week. A typical fast day consists of two meals, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/night. Of course, you should tweak the diet in a way that works for you. Split your calories into smaller meals if you can’t get through a working day without eating but make sure you are not miscalculating 1000kcal for 500kcal. Start planning here.

    empty plate with fork and knife due to fasting

    The benefit of the 5:2 diet comes from the act of fasting. It has been scientifically proven that fasting increases your resistance to stress, increases insulin sensitivity, decreases susceptibility to diseases, and increases in lifespan. For the best results, intermittent fast everyday.

  3. DASH Diet Plan
  4. dash healthy diet plan example meal

    Stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The DASH diet plan is the dietary pattern created by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to prevent and control hypertension. The DASH diet is high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, poultry, fish, nuts and low fat dairy while being lower in red meat and sugar, especially high fructose syrup. It also focuses on smaller portion sizes, consuming wide varieties, and making sure your body gets enough nutrients.

    family having a picnic

    The creators have said that the DASH diet is not only good for lowering blood pressure but is also a well balanced approach to eating for people in general. In fact, USDA recommends the DASH diet as THE ideal healthy eating plan for all Americans.

    Here’s what a typical 2000kcal DASH diet plan consist of.

    6-8 servings of whole grains.
    A serving equals 1 slice of bread or ½ cup of rice, pasta, cereal.

    4-5 servings of vegetables.
    A serving equals ½ cup of vegetables or 1 cup of leafy greens.

    4-5 servings of fruits.
    A serving equals ½ cup of fruits.

    2-3 servings of low fat dairy.
    A serving equals 1 cup of milk, 1.5oz/45g of cheese, or 1 cup of yogurt.

    6 servings of fish, poultry or lean meat.
    A serving equals 1oz/30g of poultry, lean meat, seafood, or 1 egg.

    4-5 servings of nuts, seeds, legumes.
    A serving equals ½oz/15g of nuts or seeds.

    2-3 servings of fats and oils.
    A serving equals 1 tsp of margarine, 1 tbsp of low-fat mayonnaise, or 2 tbsp of light salad dressing.

    Less than 5 servings per week of sweets.
    A serving equals 1 cup of lemonade, ½ a cup of sorbet, 1 tbsp of sugar, jam or jelly.

    Maximum of 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink for women. More cons than pros so alcohol is best avoided in general.


The 9 Types Of Food That Affect Your Kidney Health

Some food are better for your kidney than others. If you have kidney problems, even mild ones, it’s time to start eating more of the food good for your kidneys below. Whether or not you have kidney problems, keep in check the ones listed as AVOID. Your body will thank you for it.


  • Water
  • Water plays an important part in not only helping to remove kidney stones but also helps to prevent them. The kidneys need a lot of water in order to perform their crucial functions of removing toxins from the body and maintaining the correct concentration of the blood and other body fluids. Along with these 33 facts about the kidney, the recommended daily volume for men is 1 gallon (3.7 liters) while women is 0.7 gallon (2.7 liters).

  • Cranberries
  • Cranberries is effective in preventing urinary tract infections, as the chemicals found in cranberries keep bacteria from sticking to the cells that line the urinary tract where they can multiply. As with anything, consume in moderation.