Fitness Nutrition

21 Common Facts About Food And Health

  1. Dried fruits are digested as fast as fresh fruits. Why?
  2. Because dried fruits are rich in nutrients, have a smaller quantity of water, but they are digested just as fast as the fresh fruits. The only difference between fresh and dried fruits is that the dried ones have have more calories and sugar for each 100g (up to 60%-70%).

  3. The more you exercise, the less healthy you’ll be. Why?
  4. Because your body becomes more fragile through over-exercising.

  5. The fruits used for cookies contain no vitamins. Why?
  6. Because vitamins are deteriorated by heat.

  7. Body lotion prevents cellulite. How come?
  8. Because most body lotions and creams contain Q10 coenzyme or fruit acids. They stimulate blood circulation and help the body absorb more nutrients.

  9. If you chew the food for a longer time, you eat less. How come?
  10. Because the information of satiety takes about 15 minutes to reach from your stomach to your brain. If you chew slower you will eat less in the same time as you used to and the intestinal transit is faster.

  11. Even if it’s rich in calories, honey helps you lose weight. Why?
  12. Because if you drink one glass of water with 1 teaspoon of honey, your blood sugar level will rise and it will lower your appetite. 100 g of honey contains 350 calories.

  13. Wine is NOT recommended in diets. Why?
  14. Because any alcohol stimulates the production of gastric juice which increases your appetite.

  15. Spices WILL NOT help you lose weight. Why?
  16. Because they speed up your metabolism and yes, your body burns more energy, but we are talking about a few calories, less then 50. To lose 1 pound of body fat, you have to burn 3500 calories more than you consume.

  17. Alcohol has more calories then the sugar. Why?
  18. Because alcohol has 7 calories/1g and sugar only has 4 calories/1g. But the alcohol calories are “fake” Because they cannot be immediately transformed into energy. Your body needs extra vitamins and proteins for that.

  19. Lemons are NOT the richest fruits in vitamin C. Why?
  20. Because the kiwi has 80 mg of vitamin C/100g of fruit, compared to the lemon with only 50mg of vitamin C/100g of fruit.

  21. Apple skin has more antioxidants than the pulp.
  22. Caffeine prevents calcium absorption.
  23. You must eat the meat and the greens together. Why?
  24. Because the greens help you assimilate the proteins from the meat. Adding starch rich vegetables to your meal, like potatoes, will also help.

  25. You can gain weight if you drop your diet medication. Why?
  26. Because diet pills only make you eat less or prevent the fat absorption, but they don’t take care of the problem.

  27. Frozen fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional values as the fresh ones.
  28. Diets can affect your period. Why?
  29. Dieting that leaves you at an excessive low body weight can result in having no period, a condition known as amenorrhea. When you’re extremely underweight, or when you lose a substantial amount of weight quickly, your body’s hormonal functions can be thrown off and interrupted.

  30. Fresh fruit juice CANNOT be substituted for the whole fruit. Why?
  31. Because the juice has less vitamin C and A. When they are destroyed by light, the juice has no more dietary fibers.

  32. Vitamin supplements DO NOT make you gain weight. Why?
  33. Because they will increase your appetite and it could make you gain weight, but only if you overeat.

  34. The daily basic of vitamins and minerals CANNOT be obtained from vegetables and fruits alone. Why?
  35. Because they do have sufficient quantities of vitamin C, carotene and folic acid. For example, vitamin B can only be found in milk and meat.

  36. Wheat bread has almost the same calories as normal bread.
  37. However, wheat bread is better, but for different reasons: it has more vitamins and fibers.

  38. Anti-cellulite creams DOES NOT help you get rid of cellulite for good. How come?
  39. Because they can only act on the surface. They only improve the skin’s aspect.


Fruits – Apricots

Apricot is native to China and was later spread to Europe and the world over. It is also called a stone fruit because of the seed in the middle that looks like a stone. Here are the major solutions and enrichment that apricots provide to our body.


Three small apricots contains more than 50% of the recommended daily intake of beta-carotene, which is a type of anti-oxidant that protects the skin against oxygen free radicals. It helps:

  • prevent build up of plaque deposits in the arteries
  • protect the eyes from sun damage
  • deactivate free radicals to decelerate the aging process
  • reduce the risk of cancer

Vitamin A

This happens when our body naturally converts beta-carotene to Vitamin A. It retains

  • good vision
  • lubrication in the eyes (good stuff for contact lens wearers)


The apricot also contains significant levels of iron which helps hemoglobin (oxygen carrying pigment in red blood cells) growth. It reduces risk of health problems like

  • anemia
  • pale skin
  • undernourished hair


is an extract of apricot seeds that has been unofficially used to treat cancer and ulcers since year 502.

Cellulose and Pectin

cellulose is a type of insoluble fiber and pectin is a natural gelling agent which helps bowel movements and retaining water. Greatly beneficial for constipation.

Well, I don’t usually eat raw apricots. The only times I apricots that I eat are dried apricots and bread with a layer of apricot jam.