28 Other Ways Toothpaste Is Best Used

Although the primary use of toothpaste is to clean and improve the aesthetic appearance and health of teeth, there are also 26 other things that you can use it for. Every household has one and every household uses it at least twice a day. And because of the common availability of toothpaste, you can try everything below.

Remember, use only white paste. Also, check out these list of very useful stuff that you can do with vinegar.

  1. Removes stain from cloth
  2. To take out all kinds of stain like ink or lipstick. Squeeze some on the spot, scrub and rinse.

  3. Even out scratches on CD / DVD
  4. If the screen freezes, take out the disc, put some toothpaste on it, scrub and clean it off.

  5. Cleans diamond ring
  6. Just squeeze a little on a used toothbrush, wet the ring, scrub gently, rinse and your diamond ring should look sparkling new.

  7. Cleans silver
  8. Toothpaste can be used to polish any kind of silver. It really does bring out the shine in silverware.

  9. Placate light burns
  10. Eucalyptus is one of a basic ingredients of a toothpaste that is why it is use as cooling relief for minor burns that don’t involve open wounds.

  11. Removes crayon from painted walls.
  12. Rub the marks with the toothpaste and a damp rag. Wipe with water to get rid of residue.

  13. Remove carpet stains.
  14. Squeeze some onto the carpet, scrub, rinse and let it dry.

  15. Relieves insect bites.
  16. Spread a little over either of these and you’ll feel soothed and no itches. Mosquito, flea and ant bites work especially well.

  17. Keep girl babies’ bows in their hair.
  18. If they don’t have much hair this is particularly useful. It doesn’t pull it out, it just washes out.

  19. Clean your nails
  20. Teeth and nails are made of the same material. To clean your nails, squeeze some on top of a toothbrush, wet your nails and brush them thoroughly. Be amazed by the sparkle.

  21. Clean shoes
  22. Scrubbing toothpaste with a wet toothbrush over boots, working shoes and rubber part of sneakers will work. It can also be used to remove scuffs.

  23. Put up posters
  24. You can use toothpaste to put up posters without damaging the wall. However, avoid using it for collector posters. It can damage the ink over time.

  25. Use it to temporarily seal holes
  26. Can be used as a spackle to fill nail holes. This sounds evil, but you can use it right before you move out of your rented apartment. =P

  27. Clean around the bathroom
  28. Use it to clean shower doors and rings around the bath tub. It has an abrasive so that is why it works good.

  29. Clean your vehicle’s headlight lenses
  30. Put some toothpaste in a bowl with some water. Use a buffer pad and clean off fog caused by dirt and bugs hitting them.

  31. Clean model cars
  32. Hobbyists who collect and build model cars, robots and action figures can certainly use toothpaste to make them nice and shiny.

  33. Remove scratches on your watch crystal
  34. Dab some on the watch and scrub it with tissue.

  35. Treat acne
  36. Be very careful when using this. Use it at most once a week. Just dab a small amount on a pimple before bed, wake up and it will dry up.

  37. Prevent fog in your swimming goggles
  38. Just wipe it on, clean it off. Works well for me.

  39. Clean piano keytops
  40. A dab of toothpaste, a soft cloth and some rubbing will usually clean piano keytops and turn them white again.

  41. Deodorize smelly hands
  42. Wash your hands with a dab of toothpaste and it will remove smells like onions and other unpleasant odors.

  43. Remove scratches on glassware.
  44. Polish with a squeeze of toothpaste. Your glassware should be shining in no time.

  45. Remove beach tar
  46. Getting that black beach tar on your feet can put a small crimp in your vacation, but it is easy enough to remove. Just rub it with some non-gel toothpaste and rinse.

  47. Deodorize baby bottles
  48. Works for sour smelling baby bottles. Scrub with toothpaste and a bottle brush and the bottles should end up smelling clean and fresh.

  49. Cleans clothes iron
  50. The mild abrasive in non-gel toothpaste is just the ticket for scrubbing the gunk off the bottom plate of your clothes iron. Apply the toothpaste to the cool iron, scrub with a cloth, then rinse clean.

  51. Remove water marks from furniture
  52. To get rid of those telltale watermark rings left by sweating beverages, gently rub some non-gel toothpaste on the wood with a soft cloth.

  53. Pest control
  54. The polishing ingredient in toothpaste is diatomaceous earth- a white powder which is actually the tiny spiky calcium skeletons of diatoms, tiny sea creatures that died millennia ago. The tiny calcium spikes are harmless to us and our pets, but mess up crawling insects, so sprinkle a little around your flower and vegetable gardens.

  55. Remove hickies, love bites
  56. Apply a layer of toothpaste to the hickey, and when it stops tingling in a few minutes, remove the toothpaste with a warm washcloth. Wait 24 hours and repeat if necessary. You’ll see better results if you can do this as soon as possible.

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Please don’t put toothpaste on you baby’s head, unless you want a little red mark where it’s burned her little scalp ā€“ many toothpastes are alkaline and not very good for your skin

Umm, teeth and fingernails are not made of the same material. Fingernails are the protein keratin, while what you are cleaning on your teeth is hard enamel that is primarily crystalline calcium phosphate…a mineral. Who wrote this??

Most of these uses are because most toothpastes include baking soda. All of the cleaning ones are for that reason and just plain baking soda works as well. The toothpaste in a baby’s hair thing is intended for old school toothpastes not the new whitening ones. My parents stuck bows on my head with toothpaste for nearly a year because people thought I was a boy. I’m fine.

great uses for toothpaste . . . just need a printer friendly version so i can keep it on my fridge and pass it on to friends in notes via snail mail. getting ready to look up vinagar.

Um, I would recommend against using toothpaste on furniture. There are bleaching agents and abrasives in most toothpastes that would wreck a wood finish. Best option is to use Murphy’s Oil Soap, but if that isn’t possible, then apply a thick application of an oily substance, such as some furniture polishes that contain lemon oil, or even petroleum jelly or mayonnaise to the damaged area and allow it to remain for 12 to 24 hours.

I have worked in furniture repair and restoration for 10 years now and can attest to this.

DO NOT put toothpaste on a burn! It may relieve the sting momentarily but it can actually make it blister and damage the skin. just run the burn under luke warm water (on the cool side). I’m a nursing assistant. So i know what i’m talking about šŸ™‚

its like those uses of thumbs up n pepsi (cleans bathrooms so well) n early morning on a trip you just gargle with pepsi and you dont even need to brush .. good god ! awesome post though .. now its going to make it harder to put tht toothpaste in my mouth again .. !

teinu hor koi kamm nayiya kanjooos…adhe kumm taan glue naal ho jande ya…aiwein gapaan ji marr riha ya…mudke naa karii aiho je kamm..chappedaan maar maar pann doon

What a load of rubbish! Half of these will do more harm than good.
Toothpaste on a burn…? Good god man – are you serious?

Oh my ,

yes you can clean your jewellry with toothpaste, but you shouldn’t.
I am a diamontologist myself, and cleaned many a ring, necklace, earrings etc etc.
The one thing that made me cringe the most was when people told me they used toothpaste to clean their jewellry.
It totally will make your diamonds sparkle! It will also totally wreck the metal it is set in. It will scratch it, and pitt it as well. It will take the rhodium right ff your “white gold” jewellery (for the most part white gold is rhodium plated) This does it so gradually you’ll not realize how much damage it has actually done, and once you’ve done it, you can’t reverse it. Sad.
This goes for silver, gold and platinum.

If you really want to keep your diamonds sparkling from home you need:

a drop of dishsoap in a bowl of hot water, with a capfull of ammonia (ammonia brightens gold. you’ll only need one container of this – it will last the rest of your life!!!)

a separate bowl of warm water

a soft toothbrush (like a baby toothbrush – soft bristles ONLY)

place jewellery one peice at a time into soapy bowl. Let sit for 30 seconds (NO LONGER)

take piece out, scrub lightly with soft toothbrush on all sides, many times there is a lot of dirt underneath the stone – and you may have to rinse it in the clean water bowl, and repeat a couple times to get it all out.

Rinse in clean bowl, and voila! sparkling! –

keep ypur ring clean by taking it off when cleaning, doing dishes especially, doing laundry too! and showering – diamonds seem to love oils.
I have a special magnetic box I keep mine in. P.S. don’t leave it near any crack, crevice or drain!!!!

I guarantee you’ll say WOW!!! everytime you use this process!

Eva said : DO NOT put toothpaste on a burn! It may relieve the sting momentarily but it can actually make it blister and damage the skin. just run the burn under luke warm water (on the cool side). Iā€™m a nursing assistant. So i know what iā€™m talking about

Toothpaste will not make a bun blister. Total and complete falsehood! 2nd degree burns ALWAYS blister…..unless you use toothpaste.

Darlene needs a spell-checker.

Some of these ideas make me cringe. Baby heads are tender. Use corn syrup if you want to stick a bow onto a baby’s head, but then, really, is that necessary?

Teeth and fingernails are made from the same substance???!!! Yikes! You are sooooooooo wrong! Putting toothpaste onto fingernails will cause the edges to dry and become irritated, leading to an increase in hang-nails and stingy feelings!

I cannot believe you recommend using an abrasive on CDs! Scratch the hell out of ’em is what you’re recommending! Yowsa!

This is one of those, “I read it on the Internet, so it must be true,” sites that my redneck relatives in Oklahoma talk about.

It can be bad to use as spackle.. especially for large holes in the wall,
when you try to paint over it, some paints don’t stick and it leaves a
weird, oily gooey patch you can’t get painted right.

I read the comments… you guys take things you read on the internet much to much to heart! Just read it. if it makes sense use it.. if it does not don’t… why do you have to all wine about it!

As a DDS> Don’t put it on your baby’s head!

Toothpaste… mmmmmmmm šŸ™‚ You can also leave it (don’t rinse) on your teeth to fight cavities during sleep! Always use Fluoride and always floss (gently) daily!

Darlene, you’re a diamond expert and cant spell “jewelry”?
I smell some bullsheet.. lol

FACT. The ingredients in my jewelry cleaner from Zales.. contains basically half of the alcohol and halides compared to toothpastes, but an abrasive nonetheless.

Probably what we call a typo, when you are writing quickly and leave a letter out etc – it doesn’t mean the person cannot spell. it is spelt correctly further down, or didn’t you read that far – too eager to pick fault with someone…lol?

@Jade, j-e-w-e-l-r-y IS the correct spelling. Additionally ‘spelt’ is a grain while ‘spelled’ is the past tense of spell. Lol!

Works to smooth actions on guns too, add a little water when it gets gummy, and work the action till smooth, then you MUST disassemble completely and wash and dry all parts, oil and reassemble.

Jewellery is spelt with TWO LL’s in the UK, and spelt is perfectly correct as well. Look up Oxford English Dictionary

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