Types Of Bra You Should Know Of. Here Are 29 Different Designs.

Developed late in the nineteenth century, this feminine icon has since been viewed as a symbol of a girl’s coming of age. The bra does not only covers, supports and elevates the breasts, but also shapes the wearer’s figure. The degree of which the bra frames the breasts varies between style, functionality, fashion and fabric. There are many different types of bra today and most fall into various categories mentioned below.

It is important to know the types of bras available so that you can pick the right one for the right time so as to protect the general health of your breasts.

  1. Adhesive Bra
  2. adhesive type of bra

    A bra which adheres to the breasts. It has no straps or bands of any sort and provide little support to the breasts. This type of bra is intended for backless and strapless fashions. There are two types. There is the disposable paper ones that use a strong adhesive and the reusable ones that use silicone that can be washed and reused.

  3. Bandeau Bra
  4. bandeau type of bra

    This type of bra is a simple band of cloth worn across the breasts, providing little support or shaping.

  5. Belly Dance Bra
  6. bellydance type of bra

    It is commonly assumed that a belly dancing bra size is the same as normal bra size. This is not necessarily so. For instance if you normally use a size 32C you may well find that a 34B will fit quite comfortably with a few minor adjustments to latch settings since most belly dancing bras are designed to cover very well.

  7. Bridal Bra/Corset
  8. bridal  type of bra

    A bridal bra/corset mold and shape the upper body into a desired shape to fit the wedding dress. In addition to that, this type of bra promotes good posture and can be more comfortable as the weight of the breasts is carried by the whole corset rather than the brassiere’s shoulder straps.

  9. Built-in Bra
  10. builtin type of bra

    Supportive brassiere-like structures on the inside of another garment, such as a swimsuit or tank top, which provide support for the bust without the need for a separate bra. In most such garments, these built-ins consist of a horizontal elastic strip, although some do have cups and underwires as with other bra types. In some cases these may easily be removed, if desired.

  11. Convertible Bra
  12. convertible type of bra

    One of the types of bra that has straps which may be detached and rearranged in different ways depending on the outfit. Alternatives to regular straps for strapless bras are beaded bra straps or clear plastic bra straps that provide support and style.

  13. Demi Bra
  14. demi  type of bra

    A half-cup bra style with wide-set straps and a horizontal bust line. Often seamed or boned, they give great cleavage and a frame-like effect. These offer less support, but enable low cut garments to be worn without the bra being seen. Demi bras may be designed to provide lift as do push-up bras.

  15. Front Closure Bra
  16. frontclosure type of bra

    Types of bra that have closures, usually hooks and eyes, on the front rather than at the back. These bras lie completely flat at the back under clothing. Some feature a racerback style back which is great for wear with tank tops and for lending a no-slip effect to the straps.

  17. Full Support Bra
  18. fullsupport type of bra

    A type of bra designed to offer good support for the whole of the breasts and, as such, are a typical, practical bra for everyday wear.

  19. Mastectomy Bra
  20. prosthesis type of bra

    Designed so that a prosthesis may be held in place and are intended for individuals who have lost one or both breasts in mastectomy treatment for breast cancer.

  21. Male Bra
  22. man type of bra

    A type of bra worn by men with gynecomastia, usually to flatten and conceal rather than lift and support.

  23. Maternity Bra
  24. maternity  type of bra

    Designed such that they can be expanded to adjust as the breasts increase in size over the course of a pregnancy.

  25. Minimizer Bra
  26. minimizer type of bra

    Designed to play down the bust, in particular for women with cups of 34C and above. Minimizers, by compressing and shaping the breasts, help to create the illusion of being a cup size or two smaller, and are often more comfortable.

  27. Novelty Bra
  28. noveltycoconut type of bra

    Designed more for show and sensuality than for function. This type of bra may include unusual materials, such as leather, coconuts or be unusual in design.

  29. Nursing Bra
  30. nursing type of bra

    Designed to help make breastfeeding simpler by allowing the baby easy access to the nipple. Traditionally, the cups of nursing bras are covered with flaps of fabric that can be unclasped at the top and pulled down to expose the breast.

  31. Padded Bra
  32. padded type of bra

    Bras with padding inside the lining. They are designed to provide a fuller shape for small breasts and are an alternative to bra stuffing, a practice among teenage girls in which ‘falsies’ like tissues, sugar packets, cotton balls, or socks are placed inside a bra to simulate larger breasts. Unlike push-up bras, however, most padded bras support the breasts but do not significantly lift them.

  33. Peephole Bra
  34. peephole type of bra

    The type of bra that has cups loosely covering the breasts, which also includes holes around the nipples.

  35. Push-up Bra
  36. push up  type of bra

    Structured so that the breasts are lifted and placed closer together to enhance the cleavage. The best known brand of push-up bra is the Wonderbra. Many push-up bras contain padding, typically made of foam or rubber, but some contain gel-filled pads. The main distinction between padded bras and push-up bras that incorporate padding is whether the padding is centred under each breast to simply lift them, or is centred outside the centre of each breast such that the padding pushes the breasts inwards.

  37. Racerback Bra
  38. racerback type of bra

    Has shoulder straps that come over the shouder in a V pattern very close to the neck. This design is sometimes worn under strapless dresses or tops where traditional straps would be very obviously exposed. Many Sport bras use the racerback.

  39. Shelf Bra
  40. shelf type of bra

    Essentially a rigid band, usually underwires, along the inframammary line that pushes up while covering none, or only a narrow strip, of the breast.

  41. Softcup Bra
  42. softcup type of bra

    Most types of bra have underwire support in the cups, but not the softcup bra. Rather they rely on the strength of the underband to provide support to the bust.

  43. Sports Bra
  44. sports type of bra

    Provides firm support for the breasts, and are meant to prevent discomfort or embarrassment during vigorous exercise.

  45. Strapless Bra
  46. strapless type of bra

    With no shoulder straps, they are designed for wearing with clothes that reveal the shoulders, such as halterneck tops.

  47. T-shirt Bra
  48. tshirt type of bra

    Designed without raised seams, so that a tight t-shirt may be worn without the bra being visible. Types of bra like this often have padded cups to conceal nipples and to provide a smooth line under t-shirts.

  49. Trainer Bra
  50. training type of bra

    Designed for young girls who have begun to develop breasts but have yet to be considered ‘developed’ enough to allow for a standard-sized bra to fit properly. They are of simple construction and offer very little support.

  51. U-plunge Bra
  52. uplunge type of bra

    Allows you to wear clothes that have a deep plunging neckline. 💋

  53. Underwire Bra
  54. underwire type of bra

    Designed to give extra support and endurance. Actually, many types of bra have a wire, metal or plastic, running under each cup to provide rigid support to the bust.

  55. Vintage Bra
  56. vintage type of bra

    A type of full support bra with cups in the shape of a paraboloid of revolution with its axis perpendicular to the breast. Invented in the late 1940s, they were still being sold well into the 1960s.

  57. Water Bra
  58. water type of bra

    Bras which have water or silicon gel-filled cups to make your breasts look larger.

Out of all the types of bra in the list, the best selling one is this.

Do you know what else makes a HUGE difference to your appearance, and eventually, confidence? Makeup.

As always, feel free to share or ask a question in the comments below ☺.

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Mind blowing collection of bras, at a single place.
I wish , if you allow me, to quote all these in my forthcoming book on breast care.

Well I just accidentally red your comment. Anyway, I also gave same kind of gift to my wife(when she was my gf) from a shop in Sri Lanka. I was hoping she ware it at our honey moon but she didn’t and I didn’t want to force too. But indirectly I was expecting each day.. may be on anniversaries she’ll ware it. But didn’t. Now we have kids and I have no such feeling to see her in such dress. may be we have many other life priorities ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d say mature. ppl should be little wild when they were young. So I think you better ware it. It should not ‘comfortable’ as its only you two.

Very informative, in easy language but in a practical way. It will be more informative if you give some examples in Brand Names.

The best kind of bra to hide nipples is a t-shirt bra. Some even come with extra padding to hide nipples if you need them.

Some bras have cups that are made of shaped foam, and I think you will find any of these will help. But it is very important to make sure the cup is the correct size. They are all sized by the cup size, but some of them have cups that are larger than you think.

shalu i guess u shud show ur breasts to us.. only then v can suggest u something good/right for u.

my girlfriend has had a breast inplants and her breast are far apart from each other, do they make bras that push them together to give her a clevage?

Where can you buy male bra? I have not seen them ever, for sale.

Do males measure same way as females do, for bra cup etc.?

Is there a female bra that will work for a man?

Because males usually have broader chest than women do, the size of the cup can be very wrong.

The best way to get the correct cup size is to try them on. You can also wear a sports bra that is made to fit all cup sizes with the same band size, and then measure over the breast. That will give you a more accurate cup size.

If you have breast tissue, measure around the part of your chest that is below the tissue. Make sure the measure tape is level and snug but not too tight.
If it is an odd number like 33, 35, 37, 39 etc, add 1 to make it an even number. That number is the band size.

Then measure around the part of your chest that is on the breast tissue, the widest part.
Make sure the measure tape is level and snug but not too tight.

Compare that measurement with the band size.
If it is one inch more than the band size, use the letter A.
If it is two inches more than the band size, use letter B, three inches=C, four inches = D and so on. That letter is the cup size.

You can buy a bra with that information. It’s best to choose a plain full coverage bra with no underwire and no padding for the first bra. Then when you wear it, go for a fitting to get the absolute best size. Don’t worry about having a female measure a man for a bra because she will understand.
If you are not sure, ask if somebody can measure you for one. When I got over the embarrassment, I had no problems. One time the bra lady told me it was good that I was doing this because it would improve my posture and because it meant that I was comfortable in my body and that she was proud of me. That made me feel so good.

hey my size is 30.but the prblm is whatevr i wear my nipples always visible frm my clothes.m fed up for i choose padded covered my nipples…am i right in choosing bra??? plzz help me…plz rply me …send ur ans in mail….

yes u selected right type of bra. my gf also has same problem. u can also try push-up bra with padded. ur boobs will also look great in those

The best kind of bra to hide nipples is a t-shirt bra. Some even come with extra padding to hide nipples if you need them.

I do not agree about push-up bras. They are not made to hide nipples, and some can even make them more obvious.

Some bras have cups that are made of shaped foam, and I think you will find any of these will help. But it is very important to make sure the cup is the correct size. They are all sized by the cup size, but some of them have cups that are larger than you think.


i recently bought a dress. i m lookin for a bra that doesnt show off the cleave as it has a deep neck. which one should i go for ?

Yeap, malls.

Tell the shop assistant that this is your first time buying bras for yourself and she will be more than happy to help you out.

I have to purchase a cotton bra for my 21 years younger sister. She has been wearing Tape under her Sleeveless Suit. She has not worn Bra till. She is slim and she has normal weight about 50-52 kg. How to measure her bra

thanks for sharing. i was not aware these many types of bra. Usually i prefer to wear tshirt & sports bra. I feel very much comfortable on those.

I think you forgot one type of bra: the quarter-cup bra. Partial support of a full bra, but all the sensual revealing of an cupless bra.

My breast size 34B, I want to know what’s type of bra & bra strap good for breast lifting & firming.
please please………..advice.

hi I am 11 in September I will turn 12 hate wearing bra I prefer vests but my nipples are seen in it my mum tells me to wear it but my boy friend say I look hot and sexy without them without but I hate the elastic in bras I prefer cotton vests what should I do

You shouldn’t skimp money on cheap bras. Spend on quality ones as you will be wearing a bra most of the time.

Hi! I was wondering what sort of bra I could use for this really nice dress I just bought. It is very low-back and the straps are on the sides of my back. I am a 32C so I usually like to have some support. Any suggestions?

Hi, I bought a silicon adhesive bra for strapless dresses and tank tops as I am not comfortable with my bra straps shwing but it doesn’t really hold my breasts up and they end up ‘sagging’. I think the size is right, am I the one wearing it the wrong way or what might be going on? Note that I am a size 34DD US

Silicon adhesives don’t really do much in terms of ‘sagging’ as they do not contain underwire support.

For strapless dresses, strapless bra is the way to go.


hie em a bit shy types..
i have a huge breast..can you plss help me.. which type of bra i should use… please.. i em too shy to tlk to nyone abt the same.. but i want my breast to look a lil less than it is..

Hey ashi.

It’s okay to be shy.

The key to getting over it is to fix the things you’re insecure about.

Give the minimizer bra a try.


iam 24year old girl nd my size is 32 bt my boobs are nt correct nd very small in size i want a help from u dat woy kind of bra i must use i dont want to use sponge bra bt my i need a bra from which my breast looks nice nd my dresses cn fit me

1. Small sized boobs is better than no boobs. Nothing “nt correct” about that.

2. Racerback, strapless, and u-plunge depending on your dress type.

It’s good you have this. It has helped me with getting the right bra for my large bust. A lot of girls have been less lucky than I have so I hope this helps them. What was large when I was growing up is the normal of today so I’m thankful for this post.Cathy

my gf have strange pare of breast…
both of them never come close… i meen they spread side way. hope u understand what i wanna say..
what type of bra u suggest for her.

As women age, their breasts lose firmness. When they lie down, their breasts don’t keep plumping up toward the ceiling, like a young girl’s might. She can try to preserve whatever firmness and muscle tone that’s left by wearing an underwired bra all the time but only breast implants will correct her problem. It will set you back at least US$6000 (in South Korea).

I have larger breasts with sagging. Please tell me which type of bra should I use for breast support? padding, push up or underwire

Check out Victoria’s Secret and La Vie En Rose. You might find something you’ll like. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whichever bra you like the look of, it is important that you have a fitting assessment to find out the best bra for you.
I will never go to a store that does not have a fitting specialist unless it is selling a bra that I already know is a good fit for me.

If a store has a specialist, she will be able to measure you for the correct size.
Without that help, it’s difficult to find the correct bra. Just because it’s got the correct band size and cup size doesn’t make it the best bra for you. It’s the way the cups are made and the distance between them, the underneath and side support, and lots more.

All of us women are unique. I wore a bra for years that I thought was correct. It wasn’t until I had a professional bra fitting that I realized it was wrong. Now I wear the correct style and size, it is so much more comfortable and my shape is so much better.

45 years old, 42DD.

Hey M 19
I have small boobs..
Whichever clothes i wear doesnt suits me
Its jst becoz of my small boobs
So can uh suggest me a perfect type of bra.. Which makes me look like a grown up girl
Which makes my boobs appear larger then original

i have seen open bust bras; is it not the 30th type or it is covered(rather brassiered) under NOVELTY bra? also in zivame web site, many bras are seen without rings in the front between strap and cup. Actually, rings look very sexy and add color to the bra despite providing easy fitting of straps on shoulders esp. when shoulders are much wide. Is removing the rings a latest trend?

Hello Chris,
Very informative and good post. I see you haven’t added the halter bra. Can you please tell me what is a bra with a single lace/knot behind the neck called? It’s different from halter bra because halter bra has 2 knots, one behind neck and another behind the back.

Thank you,

Hello Mimi,
I would suggest you to try a “push-up bra” with padding centered outside the centre of each bust such that the padding pushes the breasts inwards. Chris also suggests that “WonderBra” is the best brand in push-up bras.

Last year I bought my wife six new sun dresses for our anniversary. She is also like you, dose not like her nipples showing. So I found what they call pasties or nipple covers on Ebay. They where not real expensive and washable. Haven these, she really loves to wear her new sun dresses. After being married for 36 years, she is still incredibly beautiful. But what really gets me, she still wears the nipple covers when I am the only one around. Some times I wish when I am the only one around, she would for get about the nipple covers.

There is one style of bra that was not on here. It was the style I was wanting to know about. It looks and covers like any other style of bra. But the band goes lower and closer normally has five or six hooks. I was wondering since the band goes a lot lower, dose it give more support?

Hlo all I’m Neha n I’m using 2 types of bra sport bra n Push up bra tell which is better 4 me and the all girls were looking really sexy and hot in that all bra

good day I need help all my bra’s hurts my neck,back and shoulders I don’t know what kind of bra to wear anymore my brain size are 38 C – D but if I fit it on on the side the boobs still stock out and I still have the pains that I mention. ..Please help I don’t know what to do anymore…

The only bra the list did not show being modeled was the โ€œtraining braโ€.

What’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with that is that you are implying that there is something sexual about a picture of a preteen girl modeling a training bra, which only a child molester would believe.

Which bra would be best to wear for lounging around the house or sleeping (kind of like lounge clothes or house slippers, comfortable enough to wear at home or sleep in)?

Hi I’ve been trying to find another version of my favorite bra but I can’t figure out what the bra design is called.
It has an underwire but the important part is that it has a single wire that supports both boobs rather that two wires that support one boob each. I like the single wire because it does not pinch my breasts, but it provides good lift.
Can you help me name or find these bras?

So, i would like to start my own bra line for girls ages 6-16. But i need to learn more about t
Bras, the market, manufacturers, etc. Any advice or pointers? Yes, i have been using or good friend Google and i brought tons of books! Just hoping i can get some real life point or advice on the matter. Thank you in advance!

We recognize that bras and bodies have changed over the years. It is essential that we keep in harmony with current trends.Visit a lingerie store for professional bra fitting advice.

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