32 Interesting Ways To Fully Utilize Your Tub Of Vaseline (And 9 Ways Not To)

The raw material for petroleum jelly was first discovered in 1859 on oil rigs by workers. A young chemist called Robert Chesebrough took the raw material from the oil rig back to his laboratory to refine and explore its potential uses. He discovered that by distilling the lighter, thinner oil products from the rod wax, he could create a light-colored gel. He patented the process, traveled all over New york demonstrating the product by burning his skin with acid or an open flame, then spreading the ointment on his injuries and showing his past injuries healed, he claimed, by his miracle product. In 1870, Chesebrough opened his first factory and called his product Vaseline.

Petroleum jelly melts at 99°F (37°C), flammable when heated to liquid, does not oxidize on exposure to the air and is insoluble in water. Most uses exploit its lubricating, coating and moisturizing potentials. Petroleum jelly isn’t foolproof but the pros outnumber the cons and it’s so versatile. Here are the 10 brilliant uses of petroleum jelly.

  1. Heal Wounds Faster
  2. Petroleum jelly’s effectiveness in accelerating wound healing stems from its sealing effect on cuts and burns, which inhibits germs from getting into the wound and keeps the injured area supple by preventing the skin’s moisture from evaporating. Another great alternative is vinegar.

  3. Prevent Nose Crusting
  4. Petroleum jelly helps combat dried mucus / blood / other discharge that can build up all the way through your nasal cavities back to the sinus and throat areas.

  5. Prevent Nosebleed
  6. Most nosebleeds occur during the winter in cold, dry climates. Cover a Q-tip with it and stick it up your bloody nose.

  7. Prevent Dry Skin
  8. Put Vaseline on the affected areas and go to sleep. When you wake up they will be so much softer.

  9. Prevent Cracked Lips
  10. Petroleum jelly helps to prevent chapped lips.

  11. Soften Nail Cuticles
  12. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends petroleum jelly as an inexpensive way to care for the cuticles.

  13. Prevent Face Chills
  14. Petroleum jelly can be used to provide heat insulation, preventing chilling of the face due to evaporation of skin moisture during cold weather outdoor sports. It can also be used in the same way to keep swimmers warm in water.

  15. Hairstyling
  16. People who like the greasy look can use petroleum jelly instead as most modern pomades are made of it. However, only a tiny bit should be used because too much makes the hair very greasy.

  17. Moustache Wax
  18. When used in equal parts with pure beeswax, petroleum jelly makes an effective moustache wax.

  19. Prevent Chaffing In Sports
  20. Best used to prevent the friction between skin and clothing for sports. Long distance cyclists use vaseline to prevent chafing of the seat region while runners use it to prevent chaffing of the nipples.

  21. Sex
  22. Vaseline is best used for penetration without the use of a condom as it dissolves latex.

  23. Prevent Corrosion
  24. Metallic trinkets and other corrosion prone household items benefit most from a thin layer of petroleum jelly coating as it is a cheap and effective water repellent.

  25. Wood Finishing
  26. Vaseline is best used to give a finish to close-grained timbers like teak and rosewood. It fills the grain more than oil and builds up a surface resistant to marking.

  27. Get Zippers Unstuck
  28. Petroleum jelly’s greasy consistency is good for slipping the zipper out of its jam.

  29. Prevent Escape
  30. Vaseline can be used to coat the inner walls of dry terrarium to prevent animals from crawling out and escaping.

  31. Prevent Hair Dye Leak
  32. Applying Vaseline close to the hairline will help prevent the spread to the skin when using a diy kit.

  33. Make Perfume Last Longer
  34. To help lock in the scent, spread on a really thin layer of Vaseline before applying perfume. Doing so prevents evaporation and makes the smell last much longer.

  35. Ease Earring Insertions
  36. Lubricating the entrance of the piercing will ease nose, lip, nipple, navel and earring penetration.

  37. Get Rid Of Hair Lice
  38. Put Vaseline on hair, wear a shower cap, and leave overnight. By tomorrow morning, all lice and eggs will come out. Vaseline suffocates them.

  39. Cleaner Nail Polish Caps
  40. Coat Vaseline on the neck of nail polish bottles to prevent them from sticking to the caps. Same goes to paste and glue.

  41. Remove Eyelash Glue
  42. You just need to rub it back and forth along the base of the lash to help remove any glue that has been left behind. Use small amounts and take your time. You won’t want any of the glue or Vaseline to get into your eye.

  43. Mascara Alternative
  44. On days that you decide to take a break from mascara, rub some Vaseline on the lashes. It gives the appearance that you have a light coat of mascara on.

  45. As A Barrier During Waxing
  46. A small amount of Vaseline applied to moles, blemishes, cuts, psoriasis and other skin irritations helps protect the area during wax treatments.

  47. Prevent Diaper Rashes
  48. Vaseline creates a moisture barrier when it’s applied all over your little one’s bum and the area where the diaper covers.

  49. Born More Fat During A Workout
  50. Apply a thin layer to desired areas especially around your abs. Vaseline acts as a heat trap by holding heat created during your workout. As a result, you sweat more from the extra heat trapped within your body. The whole process increases your metabolic rate which in turn helps burn off fat. It’s an old trick that boxers use to drop weight fast to make their fight weight.

  51. Protect Skin During DIY Manicure
  52. Apply Vaseline to cuticles to protect your skin from errant nail polish strokes. It pays to be very careful as any ointment that gets on the nail will prevent the polish from sticking.

  53. Remove Stuck Rings
  54. Petroleum jelly will help it slide off your finger easily.

  55. Make Clothes Hangars And Shower Curtains Glide Smoothly
  56. Apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the shower rod. This should allow for smooth movement the next time you hop in for a good scrub. Same trick applies to the hangars in your closet.

  57. Prevent Shoe Blisters
  58. Rub Vaseline on the inside heel of the shoe or wherever your feet is rubbing against and you are guaranteed no blisters.

  59. Remove Light Bulbs Easily
  60. Wipe the screw head with a very light touch of Vaseline. When the bulb burns out, it will unscrew easily, reducing occurrences of broken bulbs with base in the lamp.

  61. Keep Ants Out
  62. Ants find it nearly impossible to cross sticky substances so petroleum jelly makes an effective barrier when applied. Use it on windows cracks, door jambs, food bowls and anywhere else you’ve noticed ants crawling around.

  63. Before A Fight
  64. Smear Vaseline on your face, hands, and feet. Slippery skin helps prevent abrasions and cuts by deflecting blows. You will also make it harder for your opponent to get a grip and pin you down. This applies to any form of contact sports as well.

Vaseline Myth & Misconceptions

  1. Make Eyelashes Grow Longer
  2. Vaseline does not and will not make your eyelashes longer. It will only make them look more defined and softer. Eyelashes are hair, just like the hair on your head. Putting Vaseline on your hair isn’t going to make it suddenly sprout. For proven effects of fuller and longer eyelashes, use latisse.

  3. For Shaving
  4. Vaseline is considerably thick and will gunk up your razor, resulting in nicks and cuts. A close shave isn’t a result of what you use, but the razor you use; how many blades, how sharp, etc.

  5. As A Hair Conditioner
  6. Petroleum jelly will not harm your hair, but it will not really condition it either. It will take a really long time to wash Vaseline off your hair. On the scalp, it is only best used as an old fashioned lice treatment or as a light pomenade.

  7. Lubrication With Condoms
  8. Vaseline, just like any other oil based lubricant, will cause the condom to break. Use only water based lubricants with latex condoms.

  9. Use With Tattoo
  10. Vaseline is difficult to get off, oily, and likes to find its way into pores and small creases in the skin. A fresh tattoo is an open wound and needs to breathe to heal properly. It needs to dry and peel. Your skin cannot breathe properly through Vaseline, and therefore is not good for new tattoos.

  11. Popped Zits
  12. Petroleum jelly is oil based and will only make things worse by clogging pores. It may be tempting but squeezing pimples will actually cause bacteria to go deeper under the skin and induce more blemishes.

  13. Prevent Wrinkles
  14. As the skin ages, it loses its ability to retain moisture, and skin that’s dry looks older. Petroleum jelly can make wrinkles less apparent because it’s adding moisture to the skin, which softens lines, but it can’t actually prevent aging. Only a cream with a proven active ingredient, like retinol, can stave off wrinkles. Plus, petroleum jelly is so greasy that it can create other problems, including breakouts.

  15. Remove Makeup
  16. Stop using it to remove makeup, especially around the eyes. Yes, it works to remove makeup but the force you have to apply in order to get the petroleum jelly off stretches the skin around the eyes and may contribute to wrinkles. You are much better off using olive oil instead.

  17. Restore Leather Shine
  18. Applying petroleum jelly on leather products will only make it sticky. Especially if used on shoes, dust will accumulate to it like magnet.

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Petroleum Kelly is not comedogenic nor is it acnegenic. Therefore, it does not cause skin breakouts. Reference: David S Morrison, PhD. Cosmetics and Toiletries magazine, Vol 111. Page 59-9. January 1996 (secondary source).

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