Wine Cork Crafts So Creative You’ll Be Busy For A Few Weekends

With this list, you will never run out of ideas of what to do with all that wine cork you’ve kept over the years. Craft them into wine charms, use them as doorstops, or as mulch for your garden. If you still have a lot left over after running through the list, hold a BBQ party every week for the rest of the year and use the wine corks as firestarter. But if you have become addicted to crafting and have run out of wine corks, well…. 😉 (psssttt… remember to stay reasonable and within limits).

Below are a list of 26

  1. Make Keychains Out Of Wine Corks
  2. keychain wine cork craft

    To make one, all you need is a wine cork, a screw eye, and a keychain ring. Best souvenier gift for friends and acquaintances after coming back from vacation in a wine city.

  3. Make Fridge Magnets Out Of Wine Corks
  4. magnet wine cork craft

    You will need a cork, magnets (you can even recycle your old ones), hot glue and a hot glue gun.

  5. Make Thumbtacks Out Of Wine Corks
  6. Drill a big enough hole in the cork for your thumbtack, hot glue the bottom of the hole and slide the thumbtack into the cork.

  7. Make Placecard Holders Out Of Wine Corks
  8. placecard holder wine cork craft

    Using a sharp knife, slice off the rounded edge of one side of each cork in order to create a flat surface. On the opposite side of each cork, carefully slice a straight, narrow line.

  9. Make Garden Markers Out Of Wine Corks
  10. All you need is a wooden skewer and a garden of herbs.

  11. Make A Pinboard / Bulletin Board Out Of Wine Corks
  12. pinboard bulletin board wine cork craft

    Have enough half corks to fit into your chosen frame size and start hot gluing the corks down. Once dry, decorate the edges with driftwood or whatever you like. You can also glue a long line of corks to a yardstick to make a vertical cork board.

  13. Make A Bathmat Out Of Wine Corks
  14. Any casing would do but you are more likely to find a shadow box that will fit the height of a regular wine cork. All you need to do is fill the shadow box with hundreds of corks upright to make a bathmat.

  15. Make A Wreath Out Of Wine Corks
  16. wine cork craft wreath

    All you need to do is hot glue the corks to a regular straw wreath.

  17. Make Coasters Out Of Wine Corks
  18. Cut 4 wine corks in half and hot glue them to a square cork board.

  19. Make A Trivet/Hot Pad Out Of Wine Corks
  20. wine cork craft trivet

    All you need to do is find a big enough frame and hot glue whole corks to it. Look out for one the next time you are at a yard sale.

  21. Make Pin Cushions Out Of Wine Corks
  22. Glue 9 corks together, side by side, to a base like a jar lid.

  23. Make Stamp Out Of Wine Corks
  24. wine cork craft stamp

    You will need an exacto knife for carving out the shape of the cork stamp and someone special to send creatively decorated love letters to.

  25. Make Drawer Knobs/Pulls Out Of Wine Corks
  26. Although a champagne cork is more suitable, a wine cork will do. Just unscrew the current drawer knob/pull and firmly twist the cork into the protruding screw until it is all the way in. Use a screwdriver at the other end of the screw to stabilize it while you are twisting in the cork.

  27. Make A Chess Set Out Of Wine Corks
  28. wine cork craft chess set

    All you need is a weekend and an exacto knife to carve out a complete chess set out of wine corks. Glue coins at the base to give the pieces some weight.

  29. Make A Furniture/Felt Pad Out Of Wine Corks
  30. Hot glue a thin piece of sliced off wine cork to the bottom of chairs and tables to stabilize them and protect your floor from scratches. You can also use them behind wall frames to protect your wall. A great alternative to felt pads.

  31. Use Wine Corks As Firestarter
  32. wine cork craft firestarter

    Fill a jar with isopropyl alcohol and throw in a few wine corks to soak overnight before using it. Perfect for camping trips.

  33. Make Christmas Ornaments Out Of Wine Corks
  34. There are just so many kinds of Christmas decorations you can make with a wine cork. You can make snow, stars, candies, snowmen, angels, reindeers, or even a mini Christmas tree.

  35. Make A Curtain Out Of Wine Corks
  36. wine cork craft curtain

    String the corks together by using a needle and heavy string. Alternate between beads for a more colourful arrangement. Then tie the end of strings to ½ inch spaced nails at the top of the doorway.

  37. Make Bag Clips Out Of Wine Corks
  38. Super simple, easy to make clip that you can use on chips, oats, bread, etc.

  39. Make Mulch Out Of Wine Corks
  40. mulch made of wine corks

    Use a food processor to grind up the corks to make mulch.

  41. Clean Carbon Steel Knives Out With Wine Corks
  42. With soapy water and an abrasive cleaner, you can use wine corks as a scrubber to safely clean your carbon knives.

  43. Use Wine Corks As Sanding Block
  44. wine corks as sanding block

    To sand curves on a piece of furniture easier, try wrapping the sandpaper around a cork. The rounded shape will make it easier to control the paper around the curves with less effort.

  45. Make A Door Stop Out Of Wine Cork
  46. All you need to do is screw all the way through the cork. If the cork is too long, cut to match the screwing depth of wall.

  47. Safeguard Pointed Tools (Drill Stops) With Wine Corks
  48. wine corks as safeguard for pointed tools

    Protect the tips of pointed tools with a cork.

  49. Make Wine Charms Out Of Wine Corks
  50. Cut corks to less than ½ inch thick, poke a hole near the top and put a 1″ thick hoop earring finding through to make a wine charm.

  51. Make A Boat Out Of Wine Corks
  52. boat made of wine corks

    The perfect project for a wine alcoholic. John Pollack did it with 165,321 corks!



Before cutting corks boil them in water for around 10 minutes. This will stop them from crumbling or cracking when you cut or carve into them.


using a binder clip to hold wine cork steady

For a better grip when cutting the cork, hold it down with a binder clip.

50 replies on “Wine Cork Crafts So Creative You’ll Be Busy For A Few Weekends”

I steam mine. I keep the pot on really low and pluck them out of the pan as I need them–they’re not as hot and water-logged but it really helps puff them up (esp champagne corks) and keep them from getting crumbly. Any jagged edges, I finish off with my ginger grater!

I tried boiling corks and they expanded and cracked, so I don’t know what is so good about that. I supposed you would need to cut them when wet. I use a ceramic knife on my unboiled corks and it is the best and easiest way, I think.

wow I have nearly a KG of wine corks as we are avid wine drinkers. I got plenty of ideas here . Summers on its way so why not use those corks as BBQ flamers.

I have been making wine cork trivet for about 5 years and for the last 3 years I have been making christmas ornaments as gifts for friends/family. Thanks for more ideas.

Love add’l cork ideas. My half corks & w/boiling them now before cutting, many more will used….to make small trivet like boxes to mount on the wall to use with push pins for hanging necklaces & stud backed earrings pushed in the cork.

I am having trouble keeping my corks together. When making hearts to stand on their sides what kind of glue did you use..

I want to cut the cork vertically to place around a wine bottle. Is there a special knife and any special advice for keeping it straight? Thanks????

I use corks in the bottomed a gardening pot before adding dirt. They work great to keep the plant draining well and the corks don’t add wait like rocks do.

I’m wondering will the boiling take the pretty wine stain color off the cork end? I really need the stained ends to stay colorful for my current craft. I hope you see this soon, as I’m getting started on Christmas gifts. Thank you


I am making a wine trivet with wood glue and then probably move on to making coasters. What do you all suggest as far as any type of sealant or something to protect the corks from any possible wetness??

someone just told me to be careful of using wine corks for inside projects as they will attract fruit flies. Guess fruit flies love the smell of wine… Any suggestions on what to do to prevent that from happening? Thanks

You can purchase corks in bulk at your local wine making supply store!
Relatively inexpensive & all clean & uniformly shaped!
No bottle indentations

I cut my corks with a ceramic knife. Works like a charm. Just remember to use the β€œsawing” technique to make the cut clean and prevent breaking the knife. I don’t boil the since I want the red stain on the ends for design work.

These are some great ideas. One question I do have, for the mulch, does it aid in any way to keep little critters away, or is it more so just for the look appeal? I really like the idea and think I NEED to try it this year. One other question for putting cork in the bottom of your planters instead of rocks, do you put them in as a whole or do you cut them up into smaller sections?

As wine corks are made out of the barks of tree, it’s biodegradable and provides much needed insulation to the soil. However, it won’t be as effective as cedar for repelling, killing or inhibiting insects such as termites, cockroaches, cloth-eating moths, carpet beetles and ants.

If your planter is big or long, leave it whole. If small, cut it into smaller pieces so as to leave more space for soil.


Done so many wine cork projects that I ask for cork donations from friends and family. I am redecorating my “she shed” and have put my wine racks and such in it. I have decided to use a corner of my walls to display corks from bottles that I serve from home. I think it’s going to be an ongoing project, but I like it already! πŸ™‚

O9 I havent done it myself yet but I would think a long thick needle. You know like the ones you use on really thick material. Only a suggestion.

These are some wonderful ideas and comments. Thanks to all for your ideas and suggestions. I made my first wine cork craft the other day. It was a puppy dog. Nails for the legs and tail and button nose and straight pins with a black ball for the eyes. Gave it to a friend that just lost one of her doggies. It was a reminder of him. She loved it.

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