The 11 Negative Effects Of Bad Relationships

There are people out there, younger ones and girls especially, who find themselves constantly involved in disappointing relationships. There always seem to be something missing. Your needs are not met and your emotions go through a rollercoaster whenever the person is around. If you are in one, then sadly, you are setting yourself up for failure without even knowing it. Below is a list of negative consequences that you can expect from a bad relationship.

  1. Substance Abuse
  2. There are men and women who just love living on the edge. However, the lifestyle may not be ‘legal’. You know it and you still want to, but going into a relationship with a person who is into substance abuse isn’t cool. It’s dangerous as your life is at risk of crumbling down to pieces.

  3. Unprotected Sex
  4. Taking chances is exciting as you’ll never know what’s coming next. In the heat of the moment, many people do things that they’ll regret later. Unplanned pregnancy is one of them. Did you know that way back in 1999, there already were some 80 million unintended pregnancies worldwide? 42 million abortions resulted in the same year.

    Having unprotected sex places you at higher risk for STDs. If he or she has been sleeping with others behind your back, the risk is even higher. Many STDs have no symptoms when you are first infected, so you may have an infection without knowing it.

  5. Heart Disease
  6. Those in a negative relationship were 34% more likely to have a coronary event than a person who isn’t in one. It shows how important the quality of the relationship between two people is to the development and management of chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure. Patients with the most severe heart diseases and poorest marriages had the highest risk of dying over a 4 year period!

  7. Mental Health
  8. Hostility and criticism, two common behaviors in destructive relationships deteriorate a person’s mental health. Going through frequent breakups, separation and divorces adversely affects a woman’s mental health.

  9. High Blood Pressure
  10. The worse the relationship, the higher the blood pressure.

  11. Abdominal Obesity
  12. The increase of the hormone cortisol from stress contributes to weight gain. Cortisol is actually a stress hormone that is produced and needed by our body in small doses. One of it’s job is to mobilize energy by tapping into the body’s fat storage and moving it from one location to another. Cortisol tend to store fat in the abdomen under high amounts of stress.

  13. High Blood Sugar
  14. When you’re stressed, blood glucose level rises. Stress hormones like epinephrine and cortisol kick in since one of their major functions is to raise blood sugar to help boost energy when it’s needed most. It’s just a natural way of responding to danger. You can’t deal with threats when your blood sugar is low. Bad relationships can prompt an increase in these hormones, resulting in an increase in blood sugars.

  15. High Triglycerides
  16. Triglycerides are a type of fat found in blood that the body uses for energy. Some is good but too much raises the risk of heart disease and could be a sign of metabolic syndrome. Frequent stressful moments in a relationship leave fat unmetabolized efficiently. Triglycerides also stays in the bloodstream longer in the presence of psychological stress.

  17. Low Levels Of HDL(good) Cholesterol
  18. Some people may mistaken high cholesterol as a cause for concern. However, that is not the case when considering HDL, the ‘good’ cholesterol that removes ‘bad’ cholesterol from the body. Feeling insecure, unhappy, resentful and angry releases stress hormones such as adrenaline which can depress HDL (good) and elevate LDL (bad).

  19. Weaker Immune System
  20. Feeling insecure in a relationship may lead to poorer immunological responses. Attachment insecurity, as it is termed, affects a person’s ability to regulate emotions, including how stress is perceived and dealt with. This may affect the body’s physiological response to stress.

  21. Slower Disease Recovery
  22. Marital distress is associated with longer recovery time. You may even find signs of illness and treatment side effects occurring with depressive symptoms.

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