14 Ways You Affect Your Health By Playing Too Much Video Games

An average of 9% of the world’s gamers have an addiction problem. Whether if the problem is with gaming on a portable unit, a console or a computer, excessively playing will eventually ruin your personal and professional life. Video games addiction, 1 of 14 dreadful addictions beleaguring civilization today, can be as bad as any other addiction although it is very similar to internet addiction. Male children and youths are the ones most affected.

  1. Sleep Deprivation
  2. As work and school take up a big chunk of a person’s time, gamers tend to sacrifice valuable sleep time to squeeze in a few extra hours for gaming. Continual disruption of normal sleeping patterns may lead to insomnia, upsetting a person’s general well being.

  3. Inability To Stick To Schedule
  4. Unable to stop when the time comes, resulting in the video game addict playing much longer than originally intended.

  5. Mentally Preoccupied With The Game
  6. Continuously thinking about previous activities or anticipating the next session, resulting in lack of motivation and attention towards school, work and social obligations.

  7. Stress
  8. When gamers gets stuck at a point where they are not advancing in the game, they naturally become extremely frustrated and angry. Going through these emotions throughout the day can be harmful to the body, mind and soul.

  9. Poor Personal Hygiene
  10. When gamers are engaged in playing games the whole day, it’s easy to overlook personal hygiene. Being mostly at home makes them less compelled to take care of personal grooming. This may result in the development of acne and tooth decay.

  11. Bad Eating Habits
  12. Fast food is the meal of choice. Energy drinks are also well known among gamers to keep up with the hours of late night gaming and staying awake during work or school. This can lead to serious health effects like obesity and diabetes.

  13. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  14. Excessive gaming may cause joint and muscle problems, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome. Prolonged continuous motion of the wrist and thumb may cause repetitive stress injury (RSI) later on in life.

  15. Migraine
  16. The concentration and prolonged exposure to hours upon hours staring at a backlit screen may bring on painful migraines.

  17. Backache
  18. The cord to the controller is usually limited in length, prompting you to sit on the floor in front of the tv. This is actually a poor posture and if sustained for long periods, it will cause tightness of the muscle and joints of the shoulders, back, knees, and hips.

  19. Neglect Physical Exercise
  20. Being addicted to playing games can take away the time a person spend outdoors. Only after clear indications of a poor well being, like getting real sick, will the addicted start to be aware of their poor health condition.

  21. Isolating Oneself From Friends
  22. Those suffering from video game addiction spend more time in solitary seclusion, spend less time with real people in their lives, and are often viewed as socially awkward.

  23. Lying To Conceal The Extent Of Involvement
  24. Having to lie about how much you enjoy a hobby is an indication that something is wrong. Most of the time, video game addicts lie to avoid conflict and to also preserve the continuity of the addictive habit.

  25. Poor Study Habits
  26. Most youth addicted to video games often neglect their studies and fail to finish their homework, leading to a decrease in grades, negatively impacting their academic career. This vicious cycle will only result in the video game addict falling further and further behind in school.

  27. Playing At Work
  28. Fully grown, hard-working adults also get addicted. Some will go as far as playing games during work hours using company computers and equipment. Even when everything around is falling to pieces, the addicted will still put playing games above everything else.

With the help of these 11 techniques, stop video game addiction once and for all.

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