The 11 Terrible Consequences Of A Compulsive Sex Addict

Did you know that there are as much as 16 million sex addicts in the US alone? 12% are estimated to be women. A person can be easily addicted to sex as dopamine released by the brain during intercourse and eventually orgasm, produces a very pleasurable kind of high similar to cocaine. Once hooked, sex addiction which is 1 of 14 other addictions, can be real hard to break. Like drugs, the high feeling of sex and orgasm becomes a need in an addict’s life, prompting everything else to take a backseat in priority. As a result, the sex addict will face these 11 consequences.

  1. Loss of Self Esteem
  2. Many sex addicts are likeable people who are intellectual, successful, and personable. However, they have spent a great deal of time and effort hiding the insecurities deep within themselves. They are adept in portraying an affable personality from the outside but are actually hollow, adrift and deserted inside.

  3. Incrementing Intensity
  4. Getting high is never static. As a result, tolerance develops. Tolerance is defined as a need for increased amounts, intensity and frequency of sexual activity to achieve the desired effect. There is also a diminished effect with continued use of the same amount, intensity and frequency of sexual behavior. The compulsion for more sex with increased frequency and intensity is a hallmark characteristic of sexual addiction.

  5. Guilt
  6. For women, the feelings of shame and guilt associated with sexual addiction may be stronger than for men and prevent them from seeking treatment for even longer periods of time. Many experts believe women may feel they will be labeled as promiscuous if they seek treatment for their sexual addiction.

  7. Shame
  8. While guilt is a painful feeling of regret and responsibility for one’s actions, shame is a painful feeling about oneself as a person. The shameful nature of sexual addiction compels addicts to lead double lives, struggling with honesty. View of one’s self as undeserving serves sexual addiction in 2 ways. Firstly, addicts trap themselves into believing that they cannot turn to others for help as to do so would result in them being judged and socially outcast. Secondly, feeling alone and isolated, the addicts use of sexually compulsive behaviour to deal with emotional challenges is increased. The addict will soon associate people with pain, and addiction with comfort.

  9. Depression
  10. Shame, loneliness, and awareness of lost time spent in active addiction may haunt the addict. When shame rolls in, depression follows the flood. The addict is at risk of self punitive suicidal thoughts and behaviour.

  11. Stress
  12. Addictions are usually done until the point of exhaustion. Most addictive people don’t realize the terrible stress addictive behavior puts on the body until they stop. However, stress also plays a part in fueling compulsive sexual behavior. Demands on the job and in the home can trigger sexual compulsion by feeding the addict’s need for withdrawal and fantasy.

  13. Anxiety
  14. Like other addictions, sex addiction is progressive and consuming. The condition is marked by a lost ability to control cravings for sexual behavior or thoughts about sex, even to the point of anxiety. Contrasting stereotyped beliefs, sexual addiction is linked closely to deep-seeded intimacy problems and is more based on a sense of escape rather than sexual pleasure.

  15. Impact On Relationships
  16. Addicts who take their addiction too far may start withdrawing themselves from family life to pursue sexual activities. As a consequence, children of addicts are neglected and their partners may eventually leave.

  17. Accumulate Financial Debts
  18. Purchasing pornographic material, use of prostitutes, calling 900 phone numbers and traveling for the sole purpose of sexual contacts can create enormous debt in credit card bills and exhaust the financial resources of an addict often times to the point of bankruptcy. A classic example is how a postal clerk turned to crime to fund his addiction after blowing around £305,000 from the sale of his home on hookers, and ended up another £100,000 in debt before being caught out.

  19. Risk Of Job Loss
  20. A typical addict lacks self control, usually acting on urges disregarding the repercussions. They might consider the aftermath momentarily but somehow feel their need for sex is more important, choosing sex while work obligations take a backseat in the list of priorities.

  21. Sexually Transmitted Disease
  22. As with any addiction, you may practice safe sex at first, but often in a frenzy, or in serial sex, protection may become less of a concern. Moreover, condoms are awful at protecting against genital herpes and genital warts, both of which are permanent. You will have them for life once contracted. All it takes to pass genital warts or genital herpes is direct skin contact with a person that has it.

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