How To Stop Being Addicted To The Internet In 9 Ways

If you are reading this, you most probably know about how the internet is full of interesting stuff, be it email, social networking, getting hooked browsing youtube, reading interesting and useful articles (like :twisted:), etc. You are affected if after one site, you would go to another, and another until you forget the time.

Facebook has been identified to be ‘more addictive than alcohol and tobacco‘ as it can burn hours of your time just like that. Some get sucked into Farmville and Mafia Wars, some just want to stay in touch with friends and family, see the funny video posted by an old high school friend, comment on the photos of Ashely’s recent Bali trip, etc. Either way, Facebook will always have your attention.

Be aware of the dangers of internet addiction and be in control of your life. Just like everything else in this world, moderation is key. As long as you can’t say “No” to it, it is bad for you.

  1. Track Your Time
  2. Keep track of your time. Use software like Klok for Windows/Mac or Project Hamster for Linux (Gnome). It works like a diary, allowing you to see exactly how you’ve been spending time on your computer.

  3. Go On An Internet Diet
  4. Allow yourself the privilege of going online to only between 9am – 9pm. All online activities MUST stop after 9pm. Use the time to organize your surroundings. Clean your room, iron your clothes, prepare for tomorrow, read a book, clean your wallet/purse, spend time with your family, friends or pet and any other thing that you’ve been putting off. Focus on identifying the time wasters in your life and eliminate them.

  5. Take Frequent Breaks
  6. Focusing on work or play, is just like sleeping. You go deeper and deeper by stages. By taking breaks, your mind and eyes are interrupted from being connected. You get much needed rest and blood flows better. More importantly, you prevent repetitive stress injury aka RSI from affecting any of these 6 areas of your body.

    If you are on Windows or Linux, use the excellent time out program called Workrave that reminds you to take short and long breaks at intervals of your choice. Set 30 second breaks every 29.5 minutes and 5 minute breaks every 55 minutes. If you are on Mac, try Time Out or EyeLeo.

  7. Identify And Ban Addictive Sites
  8. If all else fails, try it. Immediately disconnect and remove yourself from highly addictive social network site. If it’s not essential for your work or for you to breathe, don’t keep or visit it. Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, Whatsapp, all of it. Instead, go back to basics. Use email!

  9. Sports
  10. Get moving! Spend more time outdoor. Play sports that require teamwork like soccer, tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball or badminton. Join a bowling club. Swim, skate, cycle, hike, jog. Once you discover a sport that you really enjoy, your social life improves and every week, you’ll have something exciting to continue looking forward to.

  11. Yoga
  12. These are highly popular among women because of the way it makes them feel. In a good way. Like a shot of soy or wheat grass, you know. Much like inhaling gallons of fresh air. Like being on a mountain hike and taking in the view.

  13. Make Music
  14. Learn to play a musical instrument. A piano is fairly easy although not as available. Any stringed instrument is definitely challenging but very rewarding. You can start off with a basic guitar, slowly working your way to more popular yet hard songs as you go along.

  15. Dance
  16. Learn salsa, belly dancing, latin, ballroom, flamenco, swing, etc. It’s just like a workout class in a studio except you have much more fun expressing your body in coordination with your partner. It teaches you endurance, grace, creativeness, articulation and timing. A much better thing to get addicted to than sitting in front of the computer all day.

  17. Volunteer
  18. Your local animal shelters are always in need of volunteers, whether you are able to spend a few hours a week, go in once a month or stop by daily. Work for not-for-profit, and charitable organizations that are committed to positively impacting the lives of individuals who have been marginalized by our youth obsessed, and able society.

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