8 Ways Being A Workaholic Ruins Your Life

Unlike an ordinary employee or entrepreneur, a workaholic lacks balance in life. The thought of work will always linger in their mind even if they are away from it. Some get to a point where they work not to finish up assignments or for career gains, but rather to satisfy the psychological need to work. Workaholism, 1 of 14 addictions haunting humanity today, will lead to these destructive behaviors below if nothing is done to address the problem.

  1. Unable To Keep To Work Time Frame
  2. Workaholics spend much more time working than initially intended.

  3. Unable To Work With Others
  4. Less effective and uncooperative working as part of team. A workaholic will tend to find trouble delegating or entrusting his co-workers, leading to organizational chaos due to taking on too much work at once.

  5. Deprioritized Hobbies
  6. A workaholic’s obsession with work is all-occupying, resulting in diminishing interest in leisure activities and exercise.

  7. Ignored Relationships
  8. Children and spouses are often the ones to suffer as a result. The child’s psychological development may be affected and so will separation or divorce in the case of husband/wife.

  9. Erratic Sleep Habits
  10. Workaholics face higher risks for impaired awakening, insufficient sleep, and workplace sleepiness.

  11. Irregular Eating Patterns
  12. Missing meals, eating lots of fast food, eating too fast and too much caffeine intake will inevitably lead to stomach ulcers.

  13. Deteriorating Health
  14. Poor health is common among workaholics. Because there’s less of a social stigma attached to workaholism than to other addictions, health symptoms can easily go undiagnosed or unrecognized. Japan’s Prime Minister, Keizo Obuchi, died from stroke as a result of working too much too long.

  15. Denial
  16. Just like alcoholism, video games addiction, or gambling addiction, the work addict’s destructive behaviour will persist despite repeated feedback from loved ones.

Wean yourself off work when the time calls for it with these 13 habits.

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