How To Stop Overworking Yourself

Working too much has dire consequences such as these. No one can actually help you unless you help yourself. Being aware of the problem is the first step. Next, try to apply these tips below to stop yourself from working too much. Making changes to your life may make you uncomfortable at first but putting yourself and the people you love at heart, will motivate you.

  1. Plan Your Days
  2. Develop a weekly routine. Schedule non-work activities around work. Try not to underestimate the time required to complete your work related tasks so that you can commit to your schedule. Continuously create plans, that involve other people, for every weekend. This will give you something interesting to look forward to.

  3. Work Smart, Not Hard
  4. Assess each and every aspect of your task. List down the things that need to be done. Delegate well. Being highly productive in a shorter time allows you to achieve more out of life.

  5. Disconnect
  6. Do absolutely nothing work related once you have finished for the week. Disengaging also mean turning off your Blackberry. Initially it may seem difficult, but as time goes by, you will learn that disconnecting enables you to be more productive and fulfilled.

  7. Take Frequent Breaks
  8. The point is to take your mind off things for a while. Right after you’re done taking a pee, drink another glass of water. Set yourself up for the next break, naturally. Stretch yourself. Say hi and make small talk with people that you pass by while you’re at it.

  9. Talk Less About Work
  10. Yes, they may want you to share with them about your day. However, stay aware. Don’t get carried away. Don’t drag the conversation longer than it is supposed to. Be ready to move on with another topic of conversation before you start talking.

  11. Know Your Health
  12. When was the last time you had your blood tested or a full body check up? Examine your vitals, such as heart rate, blood pressure, waist to hip ratio and blood sugar, at least once a year. Pinpoint areas of improvement and set goals for yourself. Make sure that your body is consistently in the pink of health. In return, it will serve you well into your golden years.

  13. Plan Your Meals
  14. Gradually make small changes as you go. Introduce more whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can eat more of these with less guilt and most are always welcome as part of a balanced diet. Eat more of these and stay fuller longer. Try not to overeat.

  15. Sleep Regularly
  16. Sleep plays an important role in our health and well being. Stick to a regular sleep/wake schedule. Don’t ingest caffeine four to six hours before bed and slowly minimize it until you stop.

  17. Make Time For Exercise
  18. Exercise improves your mood, stamina and sex life. Spend at least 1 hour a day doing high intensity exercises. Pick up a sport. If you live in mountainous areas, hike. Cycle to work if you can. Exercising daily strengthens your heart, allowing it to pump more efficiently with less strain.

  19. Pamper Yourself
  20. Relaxation is vital for a healthy mind and is required to maintain motivation and interest in our lives, our careers and in ourselves. Consider taking away the stress of the week with a deep tissue massage. Detoxify and improve your blood circulation in the sauna. Immerse yourself in a bubble bath with some really nice scented body washes and scrubs. Have drinks and conversation with a good friend at your favourite hangout spot.

  21. Being In Love
  22. Relationships help us cope with stress. Having someone to turn to for emotional support buffers the negative effects of stress. So stay in love. Help out the household chores. Surprise her with her favourite flowers once in a while. Surprise him with his favourite food. It’s the little things that count.

  23. Keep Your Promises
  24. Make it a point to keep promises you make to yourself, your family or in your work life. If you have already made a promise to be at your child’s game this Saturday, be there. If you’ve promised to go with your partner to a nice dinner after work, do it. When you consistently keep your promises, you essentially align what you say you will do with what you truly do.

  25. Renew Your Soul
  26. Charity is good for the soul. It fulfills the basic human need of wanting to leave this earth knowing that you’ve made a difference and contributed something meaningful and purposeful. Whichever charity you choose to get involved with, you will discover far more worse problems than yours, prompting you to gain a new perspective on your own difficulties and challenges.

Overworking is just 1 of 14 habits troubling today’s human population.

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