How To Overcome These 11 Unfair Disadvantages Of Being Left Handed

It is estimated that around 10% of the world is left handed. While it is true that left handers process language, spatial relations and emotions in more diverse and potentially creative ways, the world is made for right handers. What makes left handers special is that they are generally more adept at using the weaker hand than a right hander.

Some of the biggest geniuses were left handed. Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Ford, Ayrton Senna, etc.

Below are a list of 11 solutions to the many challenges of being a dominant left hander.

  1. How Left Handed Handwriting Should Be
  2. It’s all about the paper. Grip the pen/pencil 1 inch from the tip and slant the paper until your hand is constantly below your writing. Or, tilt the paper the other way. This way, you prevent smudging the ink all over and your wrist is at a neutral position.

  3. Writing On Notebook Binders
  4. Write from the back of the notebook forward or write only on the left side of the page (binders on right). Do know that if you intend to write on both pages, you face exactly the same problem as a right hander. Or, you can totally avoid the inconvenience by getting notebooks where the spiral is at the top.

  5. Using The Scissors
  6. A right handed scissors will never feel comfortable for a leftie. Either handed scissors are made asymmetrical to fit our hands. It is natural for the thumb to push out while the other 4 fingers pull in. That is why as a leftie, you tend to force the cutting blades laterally apart. Moreover, when using a right handed scissors, a leftie will have trouble seeing what is being cut. A temporary solution would be to twist your hand all the way around to cut. Otherwise, solve the issue by having with you either an ambidextrous or left handed scissors. A thing to note is that a left handed scissors is most comfortable as it is more ergonomic than the ambidextrous scissors.

  7. How To Hold A Camera
  8. Cup the bottom of the camera with your left hand and have your index/middle finger rest on the shutter release while your thumb wraps around/rests under the lens, whichever is more comfortable for you. Tuck your elbow close to your body to stabilize your arm. If you are using a DSLR, further stabilize the camera by pushing the camera onto your brow to look into the optical viewfinder. Use your right hand to assist manipulating the controls at the back of the camera or you can also grip a mini tripod to make stabilizing even easier. Steve Mccurry (picture above), the famed photographer for National Geographic’s Afghan Girl, holds his DSLR cameras this way.

  9. Sharing A Table With Right Handers
  10. Try to sit in a corner, if possible, to avoid bumping elbows or accidentally drinking from the wrong cup. Even if you don’t, no big deal. You’ll get used to it.

  11. Opening A Can
  12. Most cans today have pull rings on them. However, if you must use a can opener, try using it backwards instead. Or you can get yourself an automatic electric can opener for about US$30.

  13. Butter Knife Alternative
  14. Use a dinner knife instead.

  15. Bread Knife Alternative
  16. Use a sharp kitchen knife or any other knife that is serrated through both sides of the blade.

  17. Vegetable Peelers
  18. Use Y shaped vegetable peelers that are ambidextrous by default.

  19. Learning To Play The Guitar
  20. In the beginning, your strong hand may give you an advantage one way or the other but ultimately, both hands are going to be doing equally delicate work. It doesn’t matter if you’re left or right handed, your weak hand will need to be trained until it’s as dexterous as your strong one. Basically, it’s possible for anybody to learn left or right handed. It just makes more sense to learn like everybody else.

    While left handed guitars are becoming less rare, they’re only available in limited models. They also usually need to be ordered. When you start looking at upgrading guitars, this will be an important point. No experienced player wants to lay out big bucks for a guitar they can’t try first.

    Also consider the possibility that you might want to learn other stringed instruments in the future. Most of us do. Although you can find left handed guitars, you’ll have a far more difficult time finding a left handed violin, banjo, sitar, pedal steel, etc.

    Learn on a standard (right hand) guitar and don’t look back. Down the road, you’ll be glad you did.

  21. Unhooking A Bra
  22. Practice daily and you’ll be fine. However, there are also front hook bras. You should check out these 29 types of bra.

Or you can adjust to the right handed world you live in by doing things that require detail (writing, combing, brushing teeth, moving the mouse) with your left and doing almost everything else with your right. By continuously responding to a right hander world, you will naturally become more ambidextrous than the average person.

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