24 Easy And Effortless Weight Loss Habits

Burn more calories than you consume. That’s it. It is predicted that by 2008, more than 7 out of 10 Americans are gonna be overweight. Is that scary or is that scary? If you are a gym instructor, you get to exercise everyday. If not, you’re just like everybody else. I for one, exercise only on alternate days. There are also people who don’t exercise at all. However, everyone eats everyday. It’s just a matter of how much calories we put into our body. Below are 24 super easy ways that you and I can follow to reduce calorie intake.

  1. Spread only jam / peanut butter on the bread.
  2. Use the leftover butter to cook your meals instead. If you eat bread everyday for breakfast like I do, this will help a LOT.

    35 kcal = 1 teaspoon of butter

    35 kcal less consumed

  3. Boil the eggs instead of frying.
  4. Add 5 drops of soy sauce, 2 shakes of pepper and stir the egg contents in a small bowl. It tastes yummylicious.

    235 kcal = 2 fried eggs
    170 kcal = 2 boiled eggs

    65 kcal less consumed

  5. Drink soy milk instead of fresh whole milk.
  6. Fat free/skim milk will also do but it’s pricier than soy milk.

    150 kcal = 1 cup of fresh whole milk
    85 kcal = 1 cup of fat free milk
    90 kcal = 1 cup of soy milk

    60 kcal less consumed

  7. Switch to bran flakes instead of Cheerios
  8. 110 kcal = 3/4 cups of Cheerios
    90 kcal = 3/4 cups Kellogg’s bran flakes

    20 kcal less consumed

  9. Save a portion of the candy bar for next time.
  10. For example, break the chocolate bar into half. Eat with either an apple, banana or orange. These 3 are commonly available high fiber food. The fiber will make you feel full, which in turn stops your appetite. Drink 2 glasses of water.

    226 kcal = 1 bar (15 o.z.) of Chocolate
    60 kcal ~ apple, banana, orange

    53 kcal less consumed

  11. Drink light beer instead of regular beer.
  12. Some examples of light beer :

    • Amstel Light
    • Blatz Light
    • Bud Light
    • Busch Light
    • Carlsberg Light
    • Coors Light
    • Heidelberg Light
    • Keystone Light
    • Michelob Light
    • Miller Lite
    • Milwaukee’s Best Light
    • Molson Light
    • Old Milwaukee Light
    • Old Style Light
    • Olympia Gold Light
    • Pabst Light

    145 kcal = 12 fl oz of regular beer
    105 kcal = 12 fl oz of light beer

    40 kcal less consumed

  13. Eat Healthy Choice’s Jumbo instead of regular chicken frankfurters.
  14. 115 kcal = 1 chicken frank (45g)
    70 kcal = 1 Healthy Choice Jumbo frank

    45 kcal less consumed

  15. Have Saltine crackers instead of chocolate chip cookies
  16. 96 kcal = 2 chocolate chip cookies
    8 kcal = Saltine crackers

    88 kcal less consumed

  17. Eat only lean steaks about the size of a man’s wallet instead of the normal 8 o.z.
  18. Share the rest.

    610 kcal = 8 oz of lean & fat sirloin steak
    170 kcal = 3 oz of lean sirloin steak

    440 kcal less consumed

  19. Switch to air popped popcorn instead of caramel coated ones.
  20. Indulge yourself with 3 cups.

    152 kcal = 1 cup of caramel coated
    93 kcal = 3 cups of air popped

    59 kcal less consumed

  21. Start eating fat free plain yogurt instead of low fat fruit flavored ones.
  22. 230 kcal = 1 cup of low fat, fruit flavoured yogurt
    110 kcal = 1 cup of 0% fat, plain yogurt

    120 kcal less consumed

  23. Roasted is much better than fried.
  24. Imagine sinking your teeth into your favourite chicken part with less worry.

    307 calories = 1 cup of fried chicken
    266 calories = 1 cup of roast chicken

    41 kcal less consumed

  25. Cola diet was invented for you.
  26. 80 kcal = Cola
    4 kcal = Diet Cola

    76 kcal less consumed

  27. When the craving for of vanilla fudge ice cream rises, satisfy it with the similar taste of regular vanilla ice cream instead.
  28. Or if you have any other sinful cravings, you should check this out.

    290 kcal = 1/2 cup of vanilla fudge ice cream
    132 kcal = 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream

    158 kcal less consumed

  29. Home cooked food is always best.
  30. Eat oven baked potato chips instead of normal potato chips.

    1210 kcal = 6 oz of regular chips
    147 kcal = 6 oz of oven baked chips. Here’s the recipe. =)

    1063 kcal less consumed

  31. When eating burgers, eat it with onion rings instead of fries.
  32. 360 kcal = large fries
    175 kcal = 8 onion rings

    185 kcal less consumed

  33. Buy cheese pizza instead of meat & vegetable pizza.
  34. 1,215 kcal = 12″ meat & vegetable pizza
    875 kcal = 12″ cheese pizza

    340 kcal less consumed

  35. Instead of tomato ketchup, dip your chips into barbecue sauce.
  36. 40 kcal = 2 tbsp tomato ketchup
    15 kcal = 2 tbsp barbecue sauce

    25 kcal less consumed

  37. Replace pancake toppings of maple syrup with strawberry syrup.
  38. 205 kcal = 2 tbsp maple syrup
    100 kcal = 2 tbsp strawberry syrup

    105 kcal less consumed

  39. At buffet meals, appetize on breadsticks instead of garlic bread.
  40. 240 kcal = 2 slices of garlic bread
    40 kcal = 2 slices of bread stick

    200 kcal less consumed

  41. Start eating wild rice instead of long grained white rice.
  42. 205 kcal = 1 cup of cooked long grain white rice
    150 kcal = 1 cup of cooked wild rice

    55 kcal less consumed

  43. Rather than drink a strawberry milkshake, make a smoothie of 2/3 cup of low-fat milk, 1/2 cup of strawberries and 1/2 a banana.
  44. 319 kcal = strawberry milkshake
    150 kcal = strawberry smoothie

    169 kcal less consumed

  45. Eat a turkey sandwich instead of a chicken sandwich.
  46. 440 kcal = chicken breast sandwich
    215 kcal = turkey breast deli sandwich

    225 kcal less consumed

  47. Choose tuna packed in water instead of tuna packed in oil.
  48. 158 kcal = 3 oz tuna canned in oil
    98 kcal = 3 oz tuna canned in water

    60 kcal less consumed

10 replies on “24 Easy And Effortless Weight Loss Habits”

“Burn more calories than you consume. That’s it.” It’s really that simple. It was a great run down of how people who normally eat what is described in this list, can chisel away at what they’d normally be inhaling. And some people glory in the detail. Me? I like to keep it simple: Burn more calories than you consume. And that’s easy to do if you are only consuming clean, natural food: raw or cooked as simply as you can imagine. AND if before you put anything in your mouth you ask yourslef, “Am I hungry? Or do I just feel like eating?” Eat when you’re hungry, Drink (water) when you’re not. Spices are good, water is great, motion is terrific.

But if someone just stops buying processed food and only eats clean natural food raw, cooked or processed at home…then, hey they are going to lose mega-pounds and not need to count calories or minutes on a treadmill.

Instead of just eating less garbage. Or shall we say “food” with fewer calories per volume, I’d say, just eat clean know home grown, un-sprayed, organic, un-doctored, non-medicated, non-engineered, animals, plant and their by products…all good. Just keep it clean and natural and the body will love you for it.
Love love love you for it!

Diet cola is filled with artificial sweetener, which could trigger allergic reaction and even (unfounded) cancer.

eat less process food like suasages, dips, pizza, fried stuff and even beer which offers nothing but empty calorie…

and don’t forget to exercise. the body will lose weight when they are in a negative caloric state…ie expenditure more than intake. Eat enough to maintain the BMR and burn the rest via exercise!

Ooh, I like this article. It really shows the truth about what people should do to eat healthy. I myself use most of these tips, though I do not consume pizza or ice cream 😉
If you’re eating something containing a lot of fiber, you eat less because you feel more full. That’s why I like rice, especially wild and brown jasmine. Fiber is great, though you shouldn’t eat too much because it does act as a mild laxative.

Nice tips. =D

“Have Saltine crackers instead of chocolate chip cookies”


I’m lucky, I don’t eat most of this stuff anyway. But I’ll tell ya, saltine crackers are not going to curb my craving for chocolate chip cookies…

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