The 6 Little Known Facts About Losing Weight

  1. Measure Yourself
  2. Before jumping into any fitness program, it is important to take measurements. The essentials are the weight, body fat percentage and the waist size. Or you can try calculating your current and ideal health conditions here. There are many other ways of doing it like using hand held calipers to water submission pods.

  3. Layer By Layer
  4. Sometimes, you might wanna know how fat can be measured by just using 2 areas of the body. Yes, it is true that there are people with more fat deposits on some body parts more than others but it is also true that fat from the body comes off evenly. Think onion layers. The concept is also the same when you gain weight. For example, though the fat layer at the abdomen may generally be thicker than the fat layer at the arms, the new fat from weight gain will still distribute itself proportional to the way current fat layers are distributed.

    When I first started working out, I only vision fat loss around my abdomen. I worked out day in day out just to see results around the area. I was spot reducing. It was wrong. I only found out that that was the last place that I should look, because those areas will still look ‘too fat’ for some time. Then only I understood how fat reduction works.

  5. Gradual Results
  6. Think toilet roll. At first, pulling off 10 pieces will still make the toilet roll still look big. A significant amount had to be removed first before changes become obvious. Once you are at that point, even taking off 2 pieces is very obvious. Same goes to the human body. Obvious changes are most apparent at places where the fat deposits lie thinnest.

  7. Stop Spot Reducing
  8. This article is important for readers who easily fall prey to advertisers on the belief that fat can be spot reduced. The most that they can do is break down fat into smaller pieces, not turn it into thin air. All the models used in advertisements are already perfect. Think about it. It doesn’t really make sense to see a fitness model ‘galloping’.

  9. Fat Loss Is Proportional
  10. One can also find fat loss books that claim to help you lose fat ‘for your type’ – pear shaped, apple shaped, elephant shape – you name it. So? Fat will still come off proportionally even when you lose weight. Training a particular area will sure define the muscles beneath the fat. Note that it doesn’t accelerate fat loss relative to other areas.

  11. Reduce Calories
  12. The best way to lose weight is by burning more calories than consuming. Here are 24 common weight loss habits that you can pick up easily. A perfect body requires EVERYTHING. This includes :

    • aerobics
    • intervals
    • resistance training
    • cross-training
    • small frequent meals
    • taking high value protein and carbs
    • low-glycemic nutrition
    • the right supplementation
    • lots and lots of water
    • just enough rest

    Changes may not be visible, but they are happening anyway. One good way of motivating yourself is to choose a pair of jeans that is in your perfect waist size. To the dot. Try it on after every 10 workouts. When the time comes you will sink in the pleasure of feeling the jeans fitting comfortably around your waist.

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