Little Known Importance Of Rests And Workouts

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More training does not equal more muscle growth. Know that weight training ONLY stimulates muscle growth which takes very little time. After that, the muscle needs to be repaired and new muscle needs to be built, which only happens when you are resting. So muscles are not built in the gym, but only when resting. Imagine if the body didn’t have any resting time. It wouldn’t have the chance to build muscle at all.

Thinner people like me (5ft 7 at 63kg) are always motivated to train and train and train. However, I have to consider the difficulty of gaining weight. Naturally thin people require more rests and less training. Which is why I train 1 day and rest every other day throughout the week.

Most training systems allocate about 7 days worth of rest from weight training for a particular muscle group in order to allow for recovery and adaptation of increased size and strength. There are essentially 3 recovery-specific results that can occur after training:

  1. Recovery is not fully realized between sessions and no progress is made at best and the worse that could happen is regression of the skeletal muscles.
  2. Recovery occurs, but only to return the musculature back to the same state it was in prior to the training session.
  3. Supercompensation occurs with thickening of muscle fibers as one result.

Ideally, the skeletal muscle system will supercompensate via several mechanisms the most important of which (to the bodybuilder) is thickening of muscle fibers. The increased overall size of the muscle of body builders as well as athletes contributes a lot to an increased ability to produce force.

You will find it necessary to scale-back your training efforts from time to time. This can be accomplished by reducing the loads used dramatically by as much as 50% and performing the same number of sets with 10-20 repetitions. With each subsequent session increase the load and reduce the rep count until you have once again reached your previous bests and then resume your normal training. This will allow the joints and connective tissues a much needed rest and keep the musculature from atrophying as it would with a prolonged complete break from training. This is a form of active rest.

The best natural supplement to help recovery is eggs. Eggs have all the 9 amino acids that make up a complete protein. Egg white contains 0% fat and people like me usually throw away the egg yolk and eat only the egg white. The average amount of protein in an egg white is 3.6g which is about 7.2% of our daily recommended protein intake. Protein is one of the cornerstones of bodybuilding nutrition and is the number one constituent of muscle. A sufficient intake of protein is required to facilitate not only optimal health but also optimal recovery from intense weight training sessions. Egg white is one of the only types of food that offers fat-free protein supplementation of the highest quality.

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