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Wii Exergaming = Have Fun Working Out Indoors

Usually, the only part of your body that gets workout are your fingers. Specifically, the thumbs. Well, thanks to WII, getting fit virtually is now a reality. Below are 3 of the healthiest Wii video games you can ever find.

  1. Wii Fit
  2. Thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto, the man who brought us world famous games like Mario, Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda, you can now transform your living room into a fitness center. The specially made, unique Wii Fit balance board can measure a user’s weight and their center of gravity, and calculate their body mass index when told the user’s height. The ability to compare other player’s fitness levels is good in way that it motivates you.

    Some of the games include :

    • A ball-rolling mini-game, where the player uses the Wii Balance Board to roll a ball on a platform into a certain hole.
    • A Boxing minigame.
    • Hula hooping.
    • Jogging.
    • Sit ups.
    • Push ups.
    • Ski jumping, whereby the player squats as low as possible, while maintaining their balance, and then quickly stands as fast as possible in order to gain a good jump.
    • Snowboarding.
    • Heading on-coming soccer balls and avoiding other objects by leaning forward and back.
    • Step aerobics, including a game in which the player must step on and off the Wii Balance Board in rhythm to the background music.
    • Tightrope walking, where the player must maintain the balance of a Mii walking on a tightrope from one building to to another.
    • Yoga exercises.

    20 minutes each of quick cardio, ski jumping and yoga will burn you around 436 calories in an hour! Which is also equivalent to cycling at an average speed of 11mph for an hour.

  3. Wii Sports
  4. It consists of 5 separate sports games.

    1. Tennis
    2. Baseball
    3. Bowling
    4. Golf
    5. Boxing

    The Wiimote provides you with realistic motion control and an ease of play. Bowling seems to be a common favourite among gamers as they enjoyed the experience. Golf on the other hand has the best content and is the most good looking among the other 5. Tennis seems to be the most fun, accessible and easiest to play. You can play more and more doubles and the opponents get better as you go along. It’s pretty addictive. Boxing provides you with the best workout as it burns more than 500 calories in an hour.

    Adding in variety by spending 12 minutes each on tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing burns you 433 calories! It’s almost like hiking cross country for an hour. The only difference is you have a swinging fun time burning calories in your living room.

    It has won many awards since it’s launch. They include :

  5. Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party
  6. Basically, you step on the mat, pick a song and dance by hitting the correct direction arrows as they rise to the top of the screen. In this game, the upper body movements are also taken advantage of by the Wiimote and Nunchuk. Fun parts of the game include beating the venue master, clearing 3 songs, etc. As you progress along, you’ll unlock new songs and clothes for your character.

    There’s also a workout mode that keeps track of all calories burned based on your weight and height. In an hour, you will easily sear more than 400 calories!

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