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Connection Between Ice Cream, Flu And Sinus Infections

A scoop of artificially flavored ice cream from brands such as Baskin Robbins, Wendy’s or Dairy Queen may cause fever, headache, congestion or general malaise in 24 hours. It will go away in 24 hours, leaving behind the development of a raging sinus infection. So it’s a fake flu within 24 hours and a sinus infection within 48 hours. The theory is that unwritten ingredients such as ‘natural’ and artificial flavorings are the ones causing the bogus flu and sinus infections.

It appears that the term ‘natural’ and artificial flavorings serve as umbrellas for the unmentioned compounds. The fast food industry depends a lot on artificial flavorings to standardize the product. The correct ‘mouth feel’ had to be attained. The addition of starches, emulsfiers, stabilizers, sugars and fats achieves the product’s end result.

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