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Easiest Way To Hunt For Cooking Recipes

I’ve been working for long hours and would like to get my mind off the computer. I want to do something that is simple that only requires me to use my common sense. What are the simple adventures at home that I can do?


I have no experience in it and I have only limited items in my cupboard and fridge. Luckily, I found Cooking By numbers. Although the presentation of the website could use a lot of improvement, the content that it provides is of high value. Why?

because I get to make full use of all the available ingredients in my house.

Right now in the fridge, I have butter, cheese, eggs, garlic, onions and tomatoes. In my cupboard, I have bread, coffee, honey, rice, sugar and vinegar. I came across Cooking by Numbers, listed my items and… I get recipes that uses 100% of all ingredients listed!

What do you think? =)

Cooking By Numbers
What’s in the fridge and cupboard?

4 replies on “Easiest Way To Hunt For Cooking Recipes” is better for this kind of searches.
It often even guesses other (weird) ingredients that I have but forgot to mention…

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