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Food From Around The World That Looks Delicious. 🍣 Here’s 270 Types!


  • Daal Chawal
  • source

    Rice with cooked lentil seeds,salad and yogurt.

  • Pilaf
  • source

    A dish in which a grain, such as rice or cracked wheat, is generally first browned in oil, and then cooked in a seasoned broth.


  • Musakhan
  • source

    It is chicken baked with onions, sumac, allspice, saffron, and garnished with fried pine nuts.


  • Ceviche
  • source

    Composes of chunks of raw fish, with lime or lemon juice though sometimes bitter orange (naranja agria), sliced onion, minced Peruvian ají limo, and sometimes Andean rocoto.


  • Adobo
  • source

    Made from pork or chicken or a combination of both, it is slowly cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, crushed garlic, bay leaf, and black peppercorns, and often browned in the oven or pan-fried afterwards to get the desirable crisped edges.

  • Bangus
  • source

    Deboned milkfish.

  • Lechon
  • source

    A whole roasted pig.



    Lumpia are similar to spring rolls.

    Thanks, Paul.


  • Bigos
  • source

    Typical ingredients include fresh and fermented white cabbage (sauerkraut, kapusta kiszona in Polish), various cuts of meat and sausages, often whole or puréed tomatoes, honey and mushrooms.

  • Barszcz
  • source

    Consists of red beetroot, onions, garlic, and other vegetables such as carrots and celery or parsley roots.

  • Pierogi
  • source

    Pierogi are half circular dumplings of unleavened dough, stuffed with cheese, farmer’s cheese, mashed or other forms of potato, sauerkraut, cabbage, onion, meat, mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, dry cottage cheese, or any combination thereof, or with a fruit filling such as blueberry.


  • Bacalhau
  • source

    Codfish, cookable in more than 365 ways.

  • Caldo verde
  • source

    Made out of mashed potatoes, mashed onions and minced collard greens, savoy cabbage, or kale.

  • Pastel de Nata
  • source

    A type of creamy egg tart.

    Puerto Rico

  • Arroz con gandules
  • source

    A combination of rice, pigeon peas and pork, cooked in the same pot with Puerto Rican-style sofrito.

  • Pastele
  • source

    The masa consists of a combination of grated green banana, green plantain, taro, and tropical pumpkins, and is seasoned with liquid from the meat mixture, milk, and annatto oil. The meat is prepared as a stew and usually contains any combination of pork shoulder, ham, bacon, raisins, potatoes, chickpeas, olives, and capers seasoned with bay leaves, recaito, tomato sauce, adobo seco, and annatto oil.


  • Mamaliga
  • source

    A dish made out of yellow maize.

  • Mititei
  • source

    A kind of grilled minced-meat rolls made from beef (usually mixed with mutton and pork meat), which contain garlic, black pepper, savory and sometimes a touch of paprika.

  • Cozonac
  • source

  • Fasole cu carnati
  • source

    Consists of baked beans and sausages.


  • Bliny
  • Traditional Russian bliny are made with yeasted batter, which is left to rise and then diluted with cold or boiling water or milk.

  • Borscht
  • source

    It usually includes beets, meat, and cabbage and optionally potatoes.

  • Poached salmon
  • source

    Poached salmon.

  • Caviar with sour cream and vodka
  • source

    Made with premium local espresso, chocolate and vodka, finished off with a sprig of mint, served on a blin to complete the effect. Usually served with sour cream and caviar.

    Saint Lucia

  • Green figs & saltfish
  • source

    Green figs and saltfish.


  • Haggis
  • source

    Consists of sheep’s ‘pluck’ (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock traditionally boiled in the animal’s stomach for approximately three hours.

  • Deep-fried Mars bar
  • source

    A Mars bar which has been coated with batter and deep-fried in oil or beef fat.


  • Pljeskavica
  • source

    Made from a mixture of lamb and beef, grilled along with onions and served hot on fresh somun with a thick pita bread.


  • Hainanese chicken rice
  • source

    Steamed / roasted chicken with rice.

  • Curry laksa
  • source

    A coconut-based curry soup consisting of tofu puffs, fish sticks, shrimp and cockles.

  • Chilli crab
  • source

    Made with hard-shell crabs, and cooked in a thick gravy with a tomato chili base.


  • Bryndzove halusky
  • source

    Consists of Halusky dumplings and Bryndza (type of sheep cheese) covered by fried bits of bacon.


  • Ajdovi zganci
  • source

    Made out of buckwheat flour, water, salt, cracklings, oil or grease.

  • Poticza
  • source

    Yeast bread similar to a strudel, with one or more fillings.


  • Paella
  • source

    Rice, saffron, and olive oil garnished with vegetables and meat or seafood.

  • Cozido
  • source

    A rich stew made from shin of beef, pork, and, in some regions, chicken served with cabbage, carrots, turnips, Portuguese smoked sausages (morcela, farinheira and chourico), rice, and potatoes.

  • Tapas
  • source

    A wide variety of appetizers that may be cold, such as mixed olives and cheese, or warm, such as puntillitas, Andalusian battered, fried baby squid.

  • Chocolate con churros
  • source

    Churro with a mug of thick hot chocolate to dip churros in.


  • Kottbullar
  • source

    A generally spherical mass of ground meat and other ingredients, such as bread or breadcrumbs, minced onion, various spices, and possibly eggs, cooked by frying, baking, steaming, or braising in sauce.

  • Pea soup
  • source

    Pea soup followed by pancakes with jam and whipped cream is a common and traditional Thursday lunch.

  • Smorgasbord
  • source

    Consists of both hot and cold dishes. It is customary to begin with the cold fish dishes which are generally various form of herring, salmon, eel and so forth. After eating the dishes, people usually continue with other cold dishes, and round off with hot dishes such as Swedish meatballs, kottbullar and another specialties like Janssons frestelse.


  • Rosti
  • source

    Made with potatoes which are grated and depending on the frying technique, possibly mixed with some butter or fat, or fried in oil later.

  • Fondue
  • source

    A cheese mix in the pot is kept warm as a semi-liquid sauce into which diners use forks to dip bits of food, most often bread.



    The Raclette cheese round is heated, either in front of a fire or by a special machine, then scraped onto diners’ plates. Traditionally, it is accompanied by small firm potatoes (Bintje, Charlotte or Raclette varieties), gherkins, pickled onions, dried meat, such as prosciutto and viande des Grisons, sliced peppers, tomato, onion, mushrooms, pears, and dusted with paprika and fresh-ground black pepper.

    Thanks, Swiss.


  • Suncake
  • source

    Made of flaky pastry with sweet fillings.

  • Stinky tofu
  • source

    A form of fermented tofu, which, as the name suggests, has a strong odor. A really unique kind of food from around the world.

  • Ba wan
  • source

    Consists of a 6-8 cm diameter disk-shaped translucent dough filled with a savory stuffing and served with a sweet and savory sauce.

  • Beef noodle soup
  • source

    Composed of stewed beef, beef broth, vegetables and Chinese noodles.


  • Palov
  • source

    Grain, such as rice or cracked wheat, is generally first browned in oil, and then cooked in a seasoned broth.


  • Ugali
  • source

    Made from maize flour (or ground maize) and water, and varies in consistency from porridge to a dough-like substance.

  • Octopus curry
  • source

    Octopus cooked in curry.


  • Pad Thai
  • source

    A dish of stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, fish sauce (Thai ??????), tamarind juice, red chilli pepper, plus any combination of bean sprouts, shrimp, chicken, or tofu, garnished with crushed peanuts and coriander.

  • Gaeng
  • source

    Based on coconut milk heated with red curry paste and fish sauce which include ingredients such as kaffir lime leaves or peel, Thai eggplant, bamboo shoots, thai basil, and some sort of meat such as chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, or more often duck.

  • Jasmine rice
  • source

    A long-grain variety of rice that has a nutty aroma and a subtle and pandanus-leaf-like flavor, originally from Thailand.

  • Tom yam
  • source

    Made of stock and fresh ingredients such as lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, shallots, lime juice, fish sauce, tamarind, and crushed chili peppers. A very famous type of food from around the world.

  • Tom kha gai
  • source

    A hot sweet soup made with coconut milk, lemon grass and chicken.


  • Couscous
  • source

    Consists of spherical granules made by rolling and shaping moistened semolina wheat and then coating them with finely ground wheat flour.


  • Kebab
  • source

    Consists of lamb and beef, though particular styles of kebab have chicken or fish that are barbecued/grilled/broiled. This food is found commonly around the world.

  • Pita bread
  • source

    An often round, brown, wheat flatbread made with yeast. Simple yet delicious.

  • Kofta
  • source

    Koftas consist of balls of minced or ground meat, usually beef or lamb, mixed with spices and onions.

  • Dolma
  • source

    A family of stuffed vegetable dishes consisting of minced meat, rice or grain, onion, parsley, herbs and spices.

  • Pilaf
  • source

    A dish in which a grain, such as rice or cracked wheat, is generally first browned in oil, and then cooked in a seasoned broth.


  • Pierogi
  • source

    Semicircular stuffed dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with cheese, farmer’s cheese, mashed or other forms of potato, sauerkraut, cabbage, onion, meat, mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, dry cottage cheese, or any combination thereof, or with a fruit filling such as blueberry.

    United States

    Apple pie


    An apple pie is a fruit pie in which the principal filling ingredient is apples.

    Turkey and pumpkin pie


    An important part of Thanksgiving dinner.



    A sandwich that consists of a cooked patty of ground meat that is fried, steamed, grilled, or broiled, and is generally served with various condiments and toppings inside a sliced bun, often baked specially for this purpose.

    Hot dog


    A type of fully-cooked, cured and/or smoked moist sausage of soft, even texture and flavor usually placed hot in a soft, sliced bun of approximately the same length as the sausage, and optionally garnished with condiments and toppings.



    A sweet, deep-fried piece of dough or batter.

    Clam chowder


    Any of several chowders containing clams and broth.



    A canned precooked meat product made by the Hormel Foods Corporation.

    Baked beans


    A dish consisting of beans baked in a sauce.


  • Chivito
  • source

    Grilled meat of a young goat.

  • Asado
  • source

    Cuts of meat, usually beef, which are cooked on a grill or open fire.


  • Plov
  • source

    A grain, such as rice or cracked wheat, is generally first browned in oil, and then cooked in a seasoned broth.


  • Asado Negro
  • source

    A time-honored Venezuelan roast beef.

  • Bunuelos de yuca
  • source

    A type of yuca donut.

  • Cachapa
  • source

    Made like pancakes of fresh corn dough, or wrapped in dry corn leaves and boiled

  • Casabe
  • source

    A thin flatbread made from bitter cassava root without leavening.

  • Majarete
  • source

    A cooked corn pudding, which gets extra taste from the addition of coconut milk.

  • Pabellon criollo
  • source

    A plate of rice, shredded beef and stewed black beans.

  • Pisca andina
  • source

    A light chicken broth, mixed with diced potatoes, carrots, eggs, ground pepper and other ingredients, sometimes including milk.

  • Hallaca
  • source

    A mixture of beef, pork, capers, raisins, and olives wrapped in maize, bound with string within plantain leaves, and boiled or steamed afterwards.


  • Banh mi
  • source

    Baguette made with wheat and rice flour or a type of sandwich traditionally made with this type of baguette.

  • Pho
  • source

    A bowl of white rice noodles in clear beef broth, with thin cuts of beef. One of the more popular Asian food found throughout the world.


  • Laverbread
  • source

    Bread made from the seaweed laver.

  • Welsh rarebit
  • source

    A sauce made from a mixture of cheese and butter, poured over toasted bread which has been buttered.

  • Cawl
  • source

    Stew consisting of lamb and leeks.

    61 replies on “Food From Around The World That Looks Delicious. 🍣 Here’s 270 Types!”

    Hi there- I noticed that you’ve copied my photo of Portuguese caldo verde for use on your site. It’s great that you’re sourcing the image, but I imagine that many of us would prefer that you contact us first before using our work here!

    United States, further suggestions for your list being that so much of the U.S. menu comes from all over the world.

    Various Barbecue, Buffalo wings, Corn on the cob, Cornbread,


    You are completely wrong. Indigenous food of the United States and Americas has become the world’s foods.

    What do you have when you take the tomatoes out of Italian food? Or the potatoes out of Irish cuisine? Or the chiles out of any cuisine? Or the corn out of any of these dishes? Boring food. What foreign cultures consider “theirs” is not theirs at all, it’s American. Most of these dishes would not even exist without indigenous American ingredients. Think about it.

    I agree with Lindsay! The representation of Canada was really poor. What about Tourtiere, Montreal Smoked meat, Beaver Tails, Canadian Bacon, Figgy DUff, Saskatoon Berry Pie, etc………..

    (lvleph) Poutine’s been added to the list.

    (lindsay) All’s up. Thanks for the suggestions.

    (Cesseirose) In Australia, it’s commonly considered it a national food and a cultural icon.

    (Karen) Now the representation of Canada’s better thanks to you. =)

    (Mexico) Tacos. The picture used does not reflect the escense of a mexican taco, instead, it shows the US citizens’ idea of a taco by using a pre-folded tortilla.

    It is similar to when US media uses a flamenco dancer (Spain) to depict the Latin American people.

    Nice try.

    Some of your central/eastern European dishes are quite inaccurate – have you actually tasted those things?

    Blintzes are definitely no as thin as crepes. They are elevated with yeast and that makes their distinguished taste but they do not taste like American pancakes by any means.

    Also what you show as a Hungarian goulash is definitely what you meant. this is how it looks in reality and here: are dumplings that it’s served with.
    And what about their sausages?

    Sauerkraut is not by any means French national food. They don’t know it unless they live in Alsace that is pretty much half German anyway.

    You entirely excluded Czech national food. Here are few examples: friut filled dumplings. Prok, sauerkraut and dumplings (, the Pig Killing Ceremony where you use an entire pig for something (here an article about it:, sausage goulash, cabbage stew and many many more.

    (c-g) Point to me how REAL tacos should look like.

    (MatG) Thanks for the mention. It’s all up. =)

    (Albert) Awesome. Looks like you have a lot of exciting traveling ahead of you.

    (Scott) What do you have from Bahamas? Tell me.

    (Swiss) Owh. The cheese dish.

    (b_r) Point to me how REAL tacos should look like.

    (anon) Thanks for the pointer.

    (Paul) Got it. Thanks.

    (Lida) Great examples! Now there’s Czech thanks to you!

    Can you add Puerto Rico to the list? There are at least three different dishes which are liked by everyone I know who has tried them.

    1 Arroz con gandules (gandures); rice made with pork or chicken and pigeon peas.

    2 Pasteles; savory pork wrapped in mashed green bananas tied up in banana leaves and steamed.

    3 Panadillas; a puertorican style empanada.

    I found an online that hand makes the spice blends for some of these dishes. I do like to try other peoples food. What likes and taboos. Anyway I look at all this great food and fotos and can never seem to get it to the table. So I try this online Juliet Mae Spices. I have tried spice blends from Morocco, Italy, Africa, and S. America. And while I have no authentic spice blends to compare to,; these are really tasty. Anyway, for me, this is a way to try some of these great cuisines without breaking the bank on dozens of special ingredients.

    Correct, chicken tikka masala originated in India, contrary to popular belief. It was NOT invented in Britain despite what people like Ed may lead to believe. But that does not mean it cannot be a national dish of another country.


    I thought about it, and it makes no sense.

    Traditional cuisine is not equal to where ingredients are originated. It doesn’t matter if some ingredient has been cultivated there 50 or 500 years, it can still belong to some nations cuisine.

    Btw you could easily say all ingredients are from pangaea.

    The Chile one is really inaccurate. But like, REALLY REALLY inaccurate.

    National food here is Empanadas, yes the one you use in Argentina. Casuela, a tipe of soup. Pastel de Choclo and Humitas.

    Pavlova is NOT from New Zealand. It’s as Aussie as Vegemite and meat pies.

    Every country in South America has their own version of empanadas, Argentina has “salte

    Pavlova is from New Zealand, not Australia – a quick google confirms that the first known recipe for a pavlova is from NZ 🙂

    As for the author – you should add pies, fish n chips and (sanitarium) marmite to the list. F&C is more or less its own food group in NZ..

    This is subject to quite a bit of conjecture. The original source of the recipe is quite vague at best with an ‘official’ research project claiming it was first made in NZ. Of course the people conducting this research were from NZ who have always tried to one-up Australians throughout their history. Take that research with a pinch of salt.

    Dont listen to those that said that empanadas and asado are from Chile, everybody knows that both are Argentinian. Ill live im both countries so dont take all the comments as real.
    Good post

    This coming from a country who claims chicken tikka masala as a national dish when in fact it originated in India. National dishes do NOT have to originate within that country.

    The national dish of Japan is widely acknowledged to be Ramen, which isn’t even mentioned among the host of dishes you have under that country.

    Philippines entry: you would like to add various rice dishes (coz philippine dishes are basically accompanied by rice or are rice in itself) like suman, bibingka, putobungbong. Also, please add bananaque and sinigang. 🙂

    P.S. i loved this compilation! It may not be perfect but it gave me at least an idea of what to expect from different countries!

    It looks like you’ve forget the world’s most delicious food, Rendang. It’s Indonesian, and it has been voted to be 1st world’s most delicious food on Please fix it

    Hi Joy.

    If you looked carefully, buttons to page 2 and 3 are right after ‘E’.

    What about tempura for Japan?
    Spanokopita and gyros for Greece?
    southern fried chicken (Kentucky fried style)for the good old USA?
    hot and sour soup for China?
    And French Onion Soup and of course French fries for France?

    Here are a few more favorites:
    Japan – miso soup, panko chicken and/or pork cutlets, edamame,gyoza
    China – sticky rice, Yangchow fried rice, crispy chow mein (various sauces), rice noodles (stir fried with sauces or in soup),
    Taiwan – boiled dumplings, potstickers
    Russia – beef stroganoff
    Mexico – nachos, burritos, enchiladas
    USA – prime rib, baked potato, mashed potatoes and gravy

    Love to try new different foods from different countries. Many people here criticizing but I think this list is great! You can see the similarities in the dishes. Like Brazil’s rice and beans, Jamaica’s beef patties and Colombia’s sancocho, are also national dishes of Puerto Rico. You should do a new one with the countries that are left.

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