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The 105 Delicious And Amazing Ways To Eat A Potato

Potatoes are awesome. Whether if it’s with skin on or off, whole or cut up, with seasonings or without, purple or white, potatoes are found everywhere in the world. Some potato dishes are served cold while some are served hot.

Here are the 105 delicious ways that potatoes are made and eaten around the globe.

  1. Potato Salad
  2. A classic beauty that is inexpensive, easily prepared and can be stored refrigerated until needed.

  3. Potato Chips
  4. Who doesn’t love potato chips? They taste great, and we all know they’re addictive. Impossible to eat just one.

  5. Mashed Potatoes
  6. You can often rely on the billowing mounds of buttery goodness to paste over the cracks in sanity and tears to the heart which inevitably bugger life up along the way.

  7. Baked Potato
  8. “My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato and someone to share it with.” ~Oprah Winfrey

  9. Boiled Potato
  10. Some people just LOVE the taste and plain texture of condiment-free boiled potatoes.

  11. Steamed Potato
  12. Steaming them for just 7 minutes not only brings out their great flavor but helps preserve more nutritional value compared to other methods of cooking.

  13. French Fries
  14. Simply eating one just makes you want to continue eating until the plate is empty.

  15. Home Fries
  16. A basic potato dish made by pan or skillet frying chunked, sliced, wedged or diced potatoes

  17. Roasted Cubes
  18. No matter how many other dishes there are on the menu or how fussy your guests may be, you can count on the fact that everyone loves potatoes, especially when they’re roasted up to be creamy and tender inside, and crisp and crunchy on the outside.

  19. Hash Browns
  20. What’s not to adore about a heaping plate of golden brown and extra crispy potatoes? The answer is nothing.

  21. Potato Pancake
  22. Shallow-fried pancakes of grated or ground potato, flour and egg, often flavored with grated onion or garlic and seasoning. Goes really well with cheese or jam.

  23. Potato Doughnut
  24. The potato doughnut, sometimes called a spudnut, is a doughnut, typically sweet, made with either mashed potatoes or potato starch instead of flour.

  25. Potato Skins
  26. Potato skins are an appetizer made of slices of half-spherical pieces of potatoes with the skin left on one side and a quarter-inch or so of the inside of the potato on the other. The potato side is covered with toppings such as bacon, cheddar cheese, green onions, and anything else that might be found on a baked potato.

  27. Tater Tots
  28. Potato tots, with their piping hot, fluffy interior capped in a crunchy fried layer, is really addictive. Much like any other fried potatoes.

  29. Potato Waffle
  30. These savory potato waffles are similar to potato pancakes, but in waffle form. The batter consists of onion, garlic, and mashed potatoes cooked until golden brown.

  31. Papa a la Huancaina
  32. A Peruvian salad of boiled yellow potatoes in a spicy, creamy sauce called Huancaina sauce.

  33. Causa Rellena
  34. Causa, in its most primitive form, was made with mashed potatoes and aji, a yellow pepper that is indigenous to Peru. It is served cold.

  35. Papa Rellena
  36. It’s satisfying, bursting with flavor, and you can have it as an appetizer or entrée, hot or cold, day & night, and fill it with whatever you want. Although usually, beef, onions, olives, eggs, and cumin are used among others.

  37. Lomo Saltado
  38. Lomo Saltado (stir-fried steak with potatoes) is an extremely popular fusion dish that mixes the Chinese stir-fry tradition with Peruvian ingredients such as yellow chili pepper, cilantro and tomato.

  39. Chuno
  40. This freeze-dried potato product takes 5 days to process by exposing the frost-resistant variety of potatoes to the very low night temperatures of the Andean Altiplano, freezing them, and subsequently exposing them to the intense sunlight of the day.

  41. Milcaos
  42. Milcaos are fried and baked potato pancakes from the large island of Chiloe, in the south of Chile, known for its unique gastronomy and culture.

  43. Chapalele
  44. Chilean dumplings that are either cooked in earth ovens called Curanto Clambake or fried with pork lard.

  45. Chochoca
  46. Chochoca is a fluffy, warm potato bread filled with a dab of smoked meat.

  47. Locro de Papas
  48. Delicious, rich and comforting, Locro de Papas is essentially an Ecuadorian soup made out of potato, cheese, avocado, and cilantro.

  49. Potato Scone
  50. Also known as tattie scone, is a simple yet delicious Scottish breakfast item that comes in the form of either squares or triangular wedges. It’s mainly made out of boiled potatoes, butter and salt.

  51. Colcannon
  52. Leave it to the potato-loving Irish to dream up colcannon, spuds mashed with finely chopped cabbage and enriched with lots of cream.

  53. Champ
  54. Often served in individual bowls, with a knob of butter melting in the center, Champ like Colcannon, is traditionally consumed by dragging the potatoes from the outside of the bowl into and through the well of melted butter. What sets Champ apart is the green onion infusion in the milk, and it really does impart the flavor into the potatoes, though sometimes parsley, chives and even fresh cooked peas are substituted.

  55. Boxty
  56. Boxty can be made thick like a latke or thin like a crepe depending on how much milk you add to it. There are many recipes but all contain finely grated, raw potatoes and it is fried on a griddle.

  57. Bryndzové Halušky
  58. Bryndzové halušky, made out of potato dumplings with bryndza sheep cheese and bacon, is a Slovakian national dish. Bryndza is a soft crumbly cheese traditionally made by shepherds out of sheep milk, looks like ricotta but has a more distinctive sheepy tangy flavor.

  59. Kugel
  60. A crispy and moist baked casserole made of potato. You can add eggs and onions to make it savoury as part of the main meal or add apples and raisins to make it sweet as a desset.

  61. Stamppot
  62. Dutch people have 3 very specific ways of preparing food/vegetables. Dutch people like to either:
    a) mash the hell out of something,
    b) boil the shit out of something, or
    c) deep-fry the life out of something!

    Stamppot is a combination of a) and b). First you boil the shit out of various veggies (potatoes, carrots, etc.). Then you mash the hell out of all of them, throw a rookworst (smoked, spicy sausage) on the side, and voila, a perfect Dutch meal!

  63. Hachis Parmentier
  64. French’s version of a no-fuss Shephard’s pie. It is made out of leftover stew, commonly a pot-au-feu boiled dinner, so that whatever was left over would be shredded, and that would be the bottom layer, and mashed potatoes on top.

  65. Pâté Aux Pommes de Terre
  66. It’s basically a potato pie, made out of slices of potatoes layered with onions, eggs, puff pastry and various herbs.

  67. Gnocchi
  68. Gnocchi is very easy to make as it consists of only 2 ingredients. Potatoes and flour. Eating gnocchi is like biting into a delicious pillowy cloud.

  69. Vichyssoise
  70. Vichyssoise is a classic, and very simple, leek and potato soup. It’s traditionally eaten cold but can also be eaten hot.

  71. Komle
  72. Klubb. Komle. Kumle. Kompe. Raspballer. Potetballer. Baller. One hundred different names, one Norwegian potato dumpling. Potatoes, barley flour, all purpose flour, salt and pepper. That’s all that is needed.

  73. Papas Arrugadas
  74. A specialty of the Canary Islands, Papas Arrugadas is essentially salt-encrusted boiled potatoes.

  75. Tortilla de Patatas
  76. It is a simple down-to-earth combination of egg, potato and onion that tastes soft and gooey.

  77. Patatas Bravas
  78. Patatas bravas (brave potatoes) is a typical Spanish tapa or appetizer. The traditional recipe consists of cubed potatoes fried in oil and served with a hot sauce.

  79. Poutine Rapee
  80. Poutine Râpée is an Acadian boiled dumpling made from potato stuffed with pork in the centre. They are very bland tasting, and can be eaten savoury, with salt and pepper, or sweet with brown sugar, maple syrup, cranberry sauce, small wild fruits, sugar, or molasses.

  81. Poutine
  82. Poutine is a common Canadian dish, originating in Quebec, made with french fries, topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds.

  83. Samosa
  84. Sold in every nook and corner of any street in Northern India, Samosas are the quintessential Indian street food made out of potatoes and peas.

  85. Aloo Chaat
  86. Also another North Indian favorite, aloo chaat is fried cubed potatoes served with chat masala (popular North Indian spice blend).

  87. Dum Aloo
  88. The potatoes, usually smaller ones, are first deep fried, then cooked slowly at low flame in a gravy with spices.

  89. Aloo Paratha
  90. Aloo paratha is a delicious shallow fried Indian stuffed bread popular among all generations of people across the length and breadth of India.

  91. Aloo Tikki
  92. Aloo tikki, fried potatoes with various spices, is served hot along with saunth, tamarind and coriander-mint chutney (sauce), known as Hari chutney, and sometimes yogurt or chick peas.

  93. Aloo Pakora
  94. Pakoras are created by deep frying potatoes dipped in a batter of gram flour.

  95. Batata Vada
  96. Batata Vada, or potato fritters, is a popular Mumbai street food that consists of potato mash patty coated with chick pea flour that is deep fried and served with chutney.

  97. Vada Pav
  98. Originally from Mumbai, vada pav is a popular spicy vegetarian fast food dish that consists of batata vada sandwiched between two slices of a pav (bun).

  99. Aloo Posto
  100. Potatoes cooked with a paste of poppy seeds.

  101. Aloo Gosht
  102. Aloo gosht consists of potatoes cooked with meat, usually lamb or mutton, in a stew-like shorba gravy.

  103. Kroppkaka
  104. Traditional Swedish potato-dumplings with a filling of onions and pork or bacon.

  105. Gamja Ongsimi
  106. Korean dumpling soup made out of ground potato and vegetables in a clear broth made from anchovies.

  107. Gamjajeon
  108. Traditionally made with only potato, salt, and oil, gamjajeon is a Korean style pancake made by pan-frying finely grated potato until golden brown.

  109. Szalot
  110. A Silesian potato salad made with squares of boiled potatoes, carrots, peas, ham, various sausages, pickled fish, boiled eggs, and bonded with olive oil or mayonnaise.

  111. Crocche
  112. Crocche is a typical Southern Italian street food made from mashed potato and egg, which is covered in bread crumbs and fried.

  113. Rumbledethumps
  114. A traditional Scottish dish, Rumbledethumps is a variation on bubble and squeak but instead of frying leftovers, mashed potatoes, cabbage and onions are baked like a pie.

  115. Stovie
  116. Recipes vary widely but this potato based dish from Scotland usually contains onions, carrots and beef.

  117. Reibekuchen
  118. Reibekuchen are German potato fritters served with apple sauce, pumpernickel bread, treacle, or with Maggi-brand seasoning sauce.

  119. Panackelty
  120. Panackelty is a casseroled dish, traditional throughout the northeast of England, consisting of corned beef, potatoes and onions, left to bake throughout the day in an oven pot on low heat.

  121. Rewena
  122. A traditional Maori sourdough potato bread.

  123. Lyonnaise Potatoes
  124. Pan-fried potatoes and thinly sliced onions, sautéed in butter with parsley.

  125. Cepelinai
  126. A type of dumpling made from riced potatoes stuffed with minced meat.

  127. Batata Harra
  128. A Lebanese vegetable dish that consists of potatoes, red peppers, coriander, chili, and garlic fried together in olive oil.

  129. Kugelis
  130. A Lithuanian baked potato pudding made with bacon, milk, onions, and eggs.

  131. Salchipapas
  132. A Spanish fast food that consist of thinly sliced pan-fried beef sausages and French fries, mixed together with a savory coleslaw on the side.

  133. Nikujaga
  134. Nikujaga is a Japanese dish of potatoes, beef and onion stewed in sweetened soy sauce, sometimes with ito konnyaku (a type of noodles) and vegetables.

  135. Potato Bread
  136. Thick and moist, the potato bread is a form of bread in which potatoes replace a portion of regular wheat flour.

  137. Tartiflette
  138. A French dish from the Savoie and Haute Savoie region of France made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions.

  139. Bauernfrühstück
  140. Bauernfrühstück which translates to “farmer’s breakfast”, is a German country breakfast dish made from fried potatoes, eggs, onions, leeks or chives, and bacon or ham.

  141. Pickert
  142. A flat fried or baked potato dish from Westphalia, Germany that consist of grated potatoes, flour, milk, eggs, and raisins, with a little yeast, salt and sugar, and oil.

  143. Baeckeoffe
  144. Baeckeoffe is a simple stew of potato, meat and onions in white wine.

  145. Aligot
  146. A French fondue-like mashed potato dish that includes garlic and a very special, lovely kind of melted cheese called Cantal.

  147. Pommes Anna
  148. A rich, delicious French potato cake created during Napoleon III’s era that is alluringly crisp on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside. Traditionally, it’s made with enough butter to float Noah’s Ark.

  149. Pommes Dauphine
  150. Pommes dauphines are a combination of puff pastry and mashed potatoes that transforms into light little balls of potato goodness when deep fried.

  151. Pommes Souffle
  152. Fancy French twice fried potato slices that turn brown and puff up into little balloons during the second fry.

  153. Truffade
  154. A sort of thick pancake made with thinly sliced potatoes that are slowly cooked on goose fat until tender, then mixed with thin strips of tome fraiche cheese.

  155. Bangers & Mash
  156. Bangers and mash is a delicious traditional British dish of sausage (bangers) and mashed potatoes (mash). The sausages used can be made of pork or beef. Often times the dish is served with onion gravy, fried onions, baked beans and/or peas.

  157. Bubble & Squeak
  158. Bubble and squeak is basically a potato cake made from leftover cabbage and potatoes.

  159. Crisp Sandwich
  160. Basically a sandwich that includes potato chips as one of it’s fillings.

  161. Fish Pie
  162. Creamy smoky fish under a blanket of comforting mashed potatoes.

  163. Pattie
  164. A savoury pattie is a battered and deep fried disc of mashed potato, seasoned with sage and onion.

  165. Llapingacho
  166. Llapingachos are an Ecuadorian dish of potato patties or thick potato pancakes stuffed with cheese and cooked on a hot griddle until crispy.

  167. Knish
  168. Knish is a mix of white potato and white flour filled with cheese and onions, fried in chicken fat before topping it with sour cream.

  169. Potato Babka
  170. A Belarussian potato pie, which is really a rich casserole featuring potatoes, eggs, onion, bacon, and milk.

  171. Brændende Kærlighed
  172. Also known as burning love, brændende kærlighed is an old Danish dish with mashed potatoes, crisp bacon bits and soft fried onions.

  173. Stegt Flæsk
  174. Stegt flask consists of thick cut slices of bacon, fried and served with potatoes and parsley sauce.

  175. Ajiaco
  176. A classic Colombian dish made out of chicken and three kinds of potatoes, corn and an herb called guascas.

  177. Papas Chorreadas
  178. A delicious Colombian specialty where boiled red potatoes are smothered in a rich cheese sauce seasoned with onions and tomatoes.

  179. Trinxat
  180. Trinxat is a Catalan pan-fried mashed potato and greens (of any ilk) cooked in garlic-infused rendered bacon fat.

  181. Patatnik
  182. Bulgarians can attest to the freshness of the mint, salty feta, and earthy potatoes all wrapped up in a crispy shell. Suitable as a main or side.

  183. Kouign Patatez
  184. This Breton potato cake dish is made with crushed boiled potatoes mixed with flour where the resulting dough is then shaped into small pancakes before being pan fried.

  185. Cottage Pie
  186. A Cottage Pie is a type of pie made from what was once the staples of the British diet: cheap cuts of beef, potato, carrot and onion.

  187. Potatoes O’Brien
  188. Potatoes O’Brien is a dish of pan-fried potatoes along with green and red bell peppers that, funny enough, was supposed to have originated from both Boston and Manhattan in the 1900s.

  189. Stoemp
  190. It consists of pureed or mashed potatoes, other root vegetables and can also include cream, bacon, onion or shallot, herbs, and spices.

  191. Potatonik
  192. Potatonik is related to kugel, except that it contains yeast, making it a hybrid between a potato kugel and a potato bread.

  193. Rappie Pie
  194. Rappie pie is a traditional Acadian dish made from grated potatoes or patates râpées, hence the name “rappie” pie. Common meat fillings include beef, chicken, or bar clams.

  195. Clapshot
  196. A traditional Scottish dish made with mashed potatoes, turnips, and carrots.

  197. Coddle
  198. Coddle most commonly consists of layers of roughly sliced pork sausages and rashers (thinly sliced, fatty back bacon) with sliced potatoes and onions.

  199. Croquette
  200. A croquette is a small breadcrumbed fried food roll containing mashed potatoes, ground meat, shellfish, fish, cheese, vegetables and mixed with béchamel or brown sauce, and soaked white bread, egg, onion, spices and herbs, wine, milk, beer or any of the combination thereof, sometimes with a filling, e.g. sauteed onions, mushrooms, or boiled eggs.

  201. Duchess Potatoes
  202. Golden baked puree of mashed potato and egg yolk, butter, salt, pepper, and nutmeg, forced from a piping bag into various shapes.

  203. Funeral Potatoes
  204. Funeral potatoes are cheesy au gratin potatoes that LDS Relief Societies frequently serve as part of a dinner prepared for the grieving family to eat after a loved one’s funeral. The dish usually consists of hash browns or cubed potatoes, cheese, onions, cream soup, sour cream, and is topped with butter and corn flakes or crushed potato chips.

  205. Hutspot
  206. Hutspot is a Dutch dish of mashed potatoes, carrots and onions boiled to the point of softness.

  207. Kapsalon
  208. Kapsalon is basically Dutch fries with kebab/shawarma and cheese.

  209. Knodel
  210. Large round poached or boiled potato made without yeast originating from Central Europe.

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