The 19 Most Satisfying Ways To Truly Pamper Yourself

Every so often, you will feel tired. Sometimes, it could just be plain simple stress from having to deal with the problems of the day. Hours of work, plus the commitment of being a parent, can leave you feeling aged, frumpy and like you have lost so much of yourself.

Not anymore.

Read on and discover the 19 most relaxing, self spoiling and satisfying things you can do to make yourself feel waaaaaaaay better.

  1. Full Body Massage
  2. You begin feeling better even before the therapist walks into the room that is tranquil, surrounded by calming music and soothing scents. Once your massage starts, all that tied up tension and stress begins to melt away.

  3. Full Manicure/Pedicure
  4. Manicures/pedicures increase your confidence. There is nothing better than getting a fabulous manicure/pedicure and drooling over your gorgeous hands/feet as your manicurist paints the final touches. You could also look forward to the mini-massage component that makes manicure/pedicure feel that much more wonderful.

  5. Hairdo
  6. Nothing says “I’m turning things around” better than a new hairstyle. Discover something that is completely, uniquely and beautifully you. Hair can be beautiful in many shapes, lengths, cuts and colors. You will know it once you’ve picked the right hairstyle to match your skin coloring, flatter the angles of your face and bring out the color of your eyes. Imagine the glamour and satisfaction when compliments start pouring in.

  7. Facial
  8. A facial can do great things for your skin and your stress levels. Other than deep cleaning and extracting ‘gunk’ from between your pores, it makes you feel bright and rejuvenated.

  9. Face Mask
  10. Doing a face mask is a relaxing way to pamper yourself and improve your skin. You can always use a ready made mask, or make one from home ingredients like honey and egg whites (great for tightening and toning your skin). Don’t forget the cucumber for smoother eyes while you’re at it.

  11. Hair Mask
  12. Nothing heals and moisturizes your hair better than a hair mask. A good, deep penetrating hair mask will set you back for less than $10. Or you can use mayonnaise. Just use a small amount to coat your hair and leave it on for an hour before showering.

  13. Body Scrub
  14. When you treat yourself to a body scrub, it leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. if possible, cough up some cash and get it done at the local spa. Otherwise try making a simple body scrub yourself with 2 parts sugar and 1 part oil (olive or coconut) for moisturizing and exfoliating your skin.

  15. Bubble Bath
  16. A hot bath can help wash away the stress of the day. Get out the bubbles, oils, scented soaps, candles, music, and soak until you’re wrinkled.

  17. Warm Water Foot Soak
  18. Essentially part of a pedicure but you can just do this on your own. Best done regularly on cold nights just before bedtime.

  19. Ice Cream
  20. Ice cream is everybody’s favourite anytime splurge. One that many have a hard time saying no to. A spoonful is enough to make you happy.

  21. Chocolate
  22. Another small indulgence that makes you feel happy. Women tend to desire chocolate more than men because the craving is linked to low blood sugar and changing hormonal levels prior to a woman’s menstrual cycle.

  23. Long Afternoon Naps
  24. Sleeping is also part of pampering. Moreover, an afternoon nap benefits heart function, hormonal maintenance and cell repair as well as boosting memory and improving cognitive function.

  25. Drink
  26. Share a bottle of champagne over conversation with your bestie for a meaningful evening.

  27. Movie Marathon
  28. Destress by having your friends over and a list of your favourite movies ready to be played at the press of a button.

  29. Beauty Counter Makeup
  30. Not only can they make you look like a million dollars, but they’ll also show you all the latest products and gadgets so that you’ll walk away feeling like a beauty expert. You can try out new shades, colors, textures and styles. It’s the best way to glam up in preparation for a night out.

  31. Shopping
  32. There is nothing more self indulging than to dedicate an entire day to shopping. Spend wisely and buy nothing ordinary. Think sundress, cocktail dress, shoes, glitzy tops, makeup, handbags. If it ever gets out of control, curb it with these tips.

  33. Eat Out
  34. Book yourself a table at that new gourmet restaurant that has been garnering rave reviews from your social circle. Invite your friends over. This is an act of reminding yourself that food isn’t just about fuel. It can be sinfully delicious and appetizing.

  35. Read A Book
  36. Reading a book is one of the few ways you can escape the realities of life and expand your horizons.

  37. Flip Through Magazine / Catalogue
  38. Sink into a lounge chair, flip through a magazine or two and just relax while your hair and face mask is hard at work making you look better.

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