7 Easy Treatments And Relief For Sunburn

Have you ever experienced sunburn? Well, I have had sunburned on numerous occasions while on holiday in sunny beach spots around my area. I know that even people in the Arctic get sunburned. It’s all about the UV not only the sun rays. Even welding arcs can cause sunburn. Anyways, below are 7 simple steps to take after getting a sunburn.

  1. Sunburns can sometimes cause swelling. Swelling of the face and neck can sometimes cause breathing difficulties. Solution? Go see a doctor.
  2. Burns that completely circle the hands or feet may cause such severe swelling that blood flow is restricted. If swollen or tight hands and feet become numb and tingly, blue, cold, or “fall asleep,” go see a doctor.
  3. Stay in shaded areas. Stay indoors during the day. Going under the sun won’t make things better. The stinging sensation will only worsen by more UV rays.
  4. Take lots of cold showers. The cool temperature of the water on the skin will relieve the sting. Use air conditioning. Turn up the fan. Sprinkle water droplets on the skin to keep it cool.
  5. Aloe Vera is the NO.1 recommended natural cooling agent for sunburns. Aloe Vera gel can usually be bought at the local drugstore or pharmacy. If you have planted some at home, break it and use it. The effect is much better. If you have not planted any, do so. My mom has 2 pots of Aloe Vera in our backyard. Why is it important? Because Aloe Vera will ease and reduce any kind of pain or inflammation.
  6. Blistering is bad. The dead skin will double the risk of malignant melanoma (a type of tumor). If the affected area is the entire arm or stomach, you gotta get help. Seek a doctor immediately.
  7. Wear a singlet. Anything silky or loose will also do fine. Allow room for the healing spots to ‘breathe’.

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