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When Should I Avoid Anelgesics?

  1. Analgesics also known as pain killers are a group of drugs used to reduce pain. Common examples are like paracetamol, aspirin and morphine. They are particularly effective for short term pain like headache, muscular pain or flu like symptoms.
  2. Aspirin irritates stomach linings. Avoid it if you have an ulcer.
  3. Taking aspirin during the later stages of pregnancy may lead to asthma.
  4. Frequent use of aspirin may also worsen asthma sufferers.
  5. Teens and adolescents associated with Reye’s disease, a children’s disease that can occur at any age and causes an acute increase of pressure within the brain and massive accumulations of fat in the liver and other organs, should avoid aspirins. Taking aspirin may result in fatally high temperatures.
  6. Although aspirin is used the world over in small doses to reduce the risk of clotting, patients under blood thinning drugs like warfarin should also avoid it.
  7. Although paracetamol has the same effect as aspirin, allergies and asthma attacks are unlikely. Which means that everyone including pregnant women are safe using it, though it is best not used for long periods during pregnancy.
  8. Overdosing on paracetamol may cause extensive liver damage, hyperventilation, nausea, rhinitis and vomiting.

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