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Music To Help Make You Sleep

Did you know that our brains are constantly firing off electrical impulses every second of every day? Just by being hooked up to an EEG, the recording of electrical activity along the scalp, you can tell exactly how you are feeling by looking at the frequency of your brain waves.

There are mainly 5 types of brainwaves.

  1. Gamma (30 – 100+Hz)
  2. Optimal brain function, awareness of reality and increased cognitive capabilities.

  3. Beta (13 – 30Hz)
  4. Alert, active, busy, or anxiously thinking.

  5. Alpha (8 – 13Hz)
  6. Relaxed

  7. Theta (4 – 8Hz)
  8. Drowsiness/state of arousal.

  9. Delta (0 – 4Hz)
  10. Deep sleep.


Music, the science of combining sounds to produce beauty of form and harmony, affects both your emotions and body. Music even helps chickens lay more and better quality eggs! Music at a slower tempo, preferably around 60bpm(beats per minute), causes the brain to synchronize with the beat, resulting in Alpha brainwaves, putting the person at a state of relaxation. When used correctly, music is like the most cost effective chill pill.

Here are some brilliant examples of sounds that help induce sleep.

White Noise

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Example Of Slow Tempo Songs

Rock Ballad

John Lennon – Imagine
Roy Orbison – Crying
Beatles – Hey Jude
Everly Brothers – All I Have To Do Is Dream


T-Bone Walker – Stormy Monday Blues
Howlin’ Wolf – Smokestack Lightning
Son House – Preaching The Blues
Bessie Smith – Nobody Knows When You’re Down And Out


Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World
Frank Sinatra – My Way
Nat King Cole – Unforgettable
Ray Charles – Georgia On My Mind

R&B / Soul / Doo Wop

The Five Satins – In The Still Of The Night
Percy Sledge – When A Man Loves A Woman
The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You
Otis Redding – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
John Legend – Again


Johann Sebastian Bach – Mass in B Minor BWV 232: Crucifixus
Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 9 “Choral”
Richard Wagner – Tristan and Isolde: Prelude
Tchaikovsky – Waltz of the Flowers


Roy Rogers – Happy Trails
Willie Nelson – Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Hank Williams – Jambalaya
Sons of the Pioneers – Tumbling Tumbleweeds


Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata
Smetana – The Moldau
Richard Clayderman – Ballade Pour Adeline
Pachelbel – Canon in D

Of course there are many, many amazing songs other than the examples given above. It’s just an idea to get you started with. Spend time experimenting and building your ideal playlist.

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