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8 Most Common Food Cravings And The Alternatives

Cravings, cravings. Everyone has it. Even I have it. But did you know that you get a craving because your body is lacking in some important nutrient that it needs and is contained in a food that you like? Of course there are other factors that are involved. They include stress, depression, boredom and a general need for comfort which could all lead to binge eating and other types of disorders. Below are the 8 most craved food that can be found almost anywhere in the world, from the USA to Japan.

  1. Chocolate
  2. You need magnesium. Know that magnesium is a critical co-factor in more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the human body. Take note that on a positive side, chocolate is a rich source of flavonoids and gallic acid, both of which possess cardioprotective properties, and significant amounts of anti oxidants. Anything more than 100g daily is bad. Instead, rid the deficiency with :

  3. Sweets
  4. Sugar, sugar, sugar. Nothing but sugar. Spoils your teeth. Being fat is not cool unless you are a sumo wrestler or a hot dog eating champion. Then it’s cool. Craving for sweets simply mean that your body is asking for one of the nutrients below. All you need to do is put in more :

  5. Alcohol
  6. Drinking too much alcohol is bad. The only alcohol that has been proven to improve your health by drinking a glass a day is red wine. Other than that, it’s bad. Satisfying alcohol cravings will slowly but surely lead to health risks, social risks, self control issues, hang overs, and an appearance in the in-need-of-kidney-donation list. Value your body, shift your focus to healthier replacements that contain high values of :

  7. Carbonated Drinks
  8. It contains a lot of carcinogenic sweeteners, colouring and caffeine. You can’t find an ounce of nutrition, vitamin or mineral content in a can. It dehydrates you. Excessive amounts may even get you esophagial cancer. Of course you can drink carbonated drinks, but take note that 30 gallons of water is needed to remove the amount of crap that each can puts in. Still craving for it? Instead of getting carbonation into your bones, strengthen them with :

  9. Salty Foods
  10. If you have, or have ever had any kind of kidney problem an excess of salt could be catastrophic. For good health, most people need less than a quarter-teaspoon a day of salt. Try satisfying your craving with food that contain high :

  11. Tobacco
  12. Yeah, tobacco is bad. It’s plain bad ass bad. It is the number one preventable cause of death. Really. If you are a smoker, learn how to quit. Help yourself stand up again. Further improve your tobacco cravings with healthy food that carry lots of :

  13. Oily, Fatty Food
  14. Fatty, oily foods lead to a lot of fat around the heart which in turn leads to an eventual heart attack. Unless you are a glutton for death, it’s not cool. Totally, not. Not eating enough is also another reason for fatty food cravings. Your body needs some fat and it’s telling you that it’s lacking what it needs. Eat meals regularly. Spreading meal times into 1 small serving per hour will help. Or else, you could suppress the craving with food high in :

  15. Acidic Food
  16. Side effects of too much acidic food includes heartburn, stomach and intestinal ulcer, mouth sores and hard indigestion. Why? Cause your body needs to get rid the acid. Other ways include saliva and sweat. Some will even get dumped into cavities in your body joints that will lead to toxic build up. You should get yourself food that is rich in :

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