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9 Benefits of Creatine You Should Take A Look At

Creatine is a natural substance found a lot in pork, beef, tuna and salmon. It is also produced in the liver and kidneys. Creatine’s main job is to help supply energy to muscle and nerve cells. Though it is mostly taken as a supplement by body builders, creatine has been found to also benefite people who don’t pump iron. Although creatine has had some occasional negative press, it is overall considered extremely safe.

  1. Lowering Cholestrol Levels
  2. In 1996, a research on men with high cholesterol, above 200mg / deciliter of blood, lowered their levels when they took creatine. The most dangerous type of cholesterol, very low density cholesterol, reduced more than 20%. Triglycerides obtained similar results. Total cholesterol reduction was around the region of 5%.

  3. Accelerate immobilization recovery
  4. Researchers found out that creatine plays an important role in muscle immobilization recovery. What happened was the researchers put volunteers’ right legs in casts for about 2 weeks before removing it. Right after it came off, the volunteers were asked to lift weights to try to regain strength. Volunteers who consumed creatine recovered faster than those who didn’t. The researchers found out that creatine increased GLUT-4 (the protein type that allows the muscle to use energy) levels of volunteers who used creatine.

  5. Protects the heart muscle
  6. A study made back in 1993 found that creatine helped protect the heart muscle from damage. Later on, creatine was also found to have helped after surgery patients exercise more enthusiastically.

  7. Builds muscle mass rapidly
  8. 50% of guys quit their exercise programs in the first 6 months. The reason lies in not seeing enough results. Creatine will make a difference in beginners. It will make them feel stronger, grow faster and improve their endurance levels within weeks.

  9. Improves strength in patients with neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases
  10. Studies carried out at McMaster University of Canada concluded that creatine enchances the strength and body composition in patients with muscular dystrophy. ALS and Huntington’s are examples of neurodegenerative diseases that also benefits from creatine. It delays the progression of their crippling conditions.

  11. Supplement for vegetarians
  12. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll certainly have the least creatine levels when compared to meat eaters. So creatine is recommended. And when a body building vegetarian takes creatine, it is found that he / she will advance further in strength and size when compared to a body building meat eater. Most common creatine supplements are made out of 100% non animal sources.

  13. Power for interval training
  14. It increases aerobic capacity which benefits preparation for events like a marathon. Creatine loading before carbo loading gives a better effect.

  15. Better performance in the heat
  16. Researchers found that body temperature of placebo given athletes who cycled 1 hour in 98 °F weather rose rose 6.5° more than creatine given ones. The creatine group did better in the heat. Creatine not only regulates the body temperature, it also protects during strenuous exercise in extreme conditions. Lower cases of injuries, cramping, gastrointestinal upset and fatigue have been reported in football players, baseball players and soccer players who took creatine.

  17. Best buddy for high intensity activities
  18. Whether if it’s the need to hit or kick a ball hard, run at high momentums, the strength and power to saw planks of wood or simply for the fun of working out, creatine is the supplement to take. It’s applicable to anyone who enjoys exercising.

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