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Does Diet Soda Really Help In Losing Weight?

A very important message from a health guru. Informative and terrifying at the same time. Believe it or not, something that you might be consuming every day could have been the source of all your weight-loss issues and headaches. Check out the video to make sense of it.

Aspartame Side Effects
Consume only aspartame-free drinks

2 replies on “Does Diet Soda Really Help In Losing Weight?”

For those who are easily affected by chemicals like myself then the actual side-effects from such things are noticeable. Initially you won’t relate certain things in your health to what you’re eating/drinking, but if you cut them out you’ll notice a considerable difference in your health. Diet drinks were a big one for me, as was coffee whilst I was working in an office. I found that once I had cut them out certain things vanished.

When I used to get hungry I used to get the shakes, when I stopped drinking things like this it seemed to alleviate the issue. As they say though, you are what you drink (originally “eat” of course, but this is a true statement). Perhaps you should write an article about fluids? Or you’ve most probably written one 😉

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