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Here Is A Type Of Nutrient That Your Heart Will Love

Omega-3 fatty acids, benefiting the heart of healthy people, and those at high risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke. I remember when I was young, my mum fed me with cod liver oil every night before bed. At that time, I didn’t really know what were the potential benefits but I liked the taste. The type that my mum bought was in liquid form.

I learned more about the benefits of Omega-3 during high school’s science class. My favourite meat was mutton, until I came to learn that fish was a healthier alternative. Fish is a good source of protein and doesn’t have the high saturated fat that fatty meat products do. Types of fish that can be found in your local market like mackerel, lake trout, herring, sardines, albacore tuna and salmon are very high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Other recommended food include :

  • tofu
  • other forms of soybeans
  • canola
  • walnut
  • flaxseed oil

Food in the list above contain alpha-linolenic acid (LNA), which can become omega-3 fatty acid in the body. Meat from grass fed animals like lamb, chicken, and cows have higher percentage of Omega-3. Even eggs from grass fed chicken produce higher Omega-3 than grain-fed or soy-fed ones. Half a pint of milk from grain-fed cows provide 10% of the recommended daily intake, while a piece of organic cheese the size of a matchbox may provide up to 88%.

So take more fish. Drink soya bean instead of milk. If the heart needs more power, supplement with cod liver oil capsules. Live longer. Live to see your great grandson in your arms.

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