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What Everybody Ought to Know About Medicinal Uses Of These 22 Common Spices

  1. Asparagus
  2. Use :

    • Kidney problems.
    • Dissolves uric acid deposits.
    • Promotes urination

    Preparation :

    • Boil in water and drink.
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  3. Basil Tea
  4. Use :

    • Colds, flu
    • Cramps
    • Bladder

    Preparation :

    • Add fresh herb or seeds to boiled water to make tea for migraines and bed time restlessness.
    • Douche for yeast infections.
    • Gargle and mouthwash to eliminates candida.
    • Pregnant women should avoid medicinal use of basil.
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  5. Black Pepper
  6. Use:

    • Take at first sign of any disease
    • Pain relief from toothache
    • Brings down a fever.
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  7. Celery
  8. Use :

    • Sedative.
    • Seed and stalk reduces hypertension.
    • Celery seed tea for the kidneys as a cleanser.
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  9. Chamomile flowers
  10. Use:

    • Fever and restlessness in children
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  11. Cinnamon
  12. Use :

    • Diarrhea
    • Dysentery
    • General Indigestion
    • Yeast infection
    • Athlete’s foot
    • Reduces cancer causing tendencies of many food additives.
    • Cold

    Preparation :

    • Cinnamon ground or taken with milk is a good balance after a heavy meal or dessert
    • Simmer sticks with cloves for 3 min, add 2 tsp. lemon juice, 2 tsp. honey, 2 tbs. whiskey as cold medication.
    • Boil 8-10 sticks in 4 cups water, simmer 5 min, steep 45 min, then douche or apply to athlete’s foot.
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  13. Cloves
  14. Use:

    • Toothache
    • Nasuea
    • Vomiting
    • Sore gums
    • Topical pain relief of arthritis
    • Antiseptic mouthwash
    • Alcohol craving suppressor

    Preparation :

    • Chew for toothache, nausea or vomiting.
    • Use oil for pain relief for sore gums and toothache.
    • Add clove oil to neutral oils for topical pain relief of arthritis.
    • Small amounts of clove in a tea for nausea.
    • 3 cloves in two cups of boiled water, steeped for 20 minutes, as an antiseptic and mouthwash.
    • Former alcoholics can suck on one or two cloves when the craving strikes to curb the desire.
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  15. Freshly Brewed Coffee
  16. Use :

    • Alleviate headaches
    • Clean bowels
    • Break mucus congestion

    Preparation :

    • Caffeine in coffee is used to alleviate headaches (particularly those caused by caffeine withdrawal)
    • Coffee enemas with olive oil are used to cleanse the bowels and are one of the safest and most thoroughly cleansing enemas available.
    • Hot black coffee sipped through a straw helps break up mucus congestion in the lungs.
    • Caution and common sense must be used to avoid dependency.
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  17. Garlic
  18. Use :

    • Chronic and acute bacterial colds and flus
    • Bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough
    • High and low blood pressure
    • Removing parasites and infections
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Hypoglycemia
    • Diabetes
    • Destroys intestinal parasites
    • Reduces cholesterol
    • Repels insects
    • Reduces sting effects of insects and red ants
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  19. Ginger
  20. Use :

    • Cold / Flu
    • Suppressing cough
    • Cramps
    • Nausea
    • Stiffness
    • Detoxify meat
    • Blood Thinner
    • Ease bruises & sprains
    • Stimulate delayed period
    • Break up congestion and fever

    Preparations :

    • Ginger prepared in tea form is useful for cramps, nausea, thinning blood, as a substitute for coumadin, break up congestion and fever.
    • Use externally for stiffness
    • Add in cooking to detoxify meat, especially chicken.
    • Boil 2/3 cup of freshly chopped root in 1 gallon water, wrapped in cheesecloth (or old nylon stocking) until the water is yellow. Then soak towel and lay on bruises and sprains while still hot, to ease them.
    • Ginger is one of the few herbs that easily passes the blood/brain membrane and is used in conjunction with other herbs that are meant to have an effect on the mind.
    • Pregnant women should avoid medicinal concentrations of ginger.
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  21. Lemon
  22. Use :

    • Colds
    • Cough
    • Heartburn
    • Bloating
    • Belching
    • Sorethroat
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  23. Mint (Peppermint)
  24. Use :

    • Migraines
    • Nervousness
    • Stomach disorders
    • Heartburn
    • Abdominal cramps, stomachache
    • Herpes

    Preparation :

    • Herpes sufferers can take 2 cups of tea a day to ease the symptoms when the virus is active.
    • Mints are used to buffer the action of other herbs that have uncomfortable effects on the stomach and intestines.
    • Can be used in any combination for flavor.
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  25. Mustard
  26. Use :

    • Sprained backs
    • Deep rattling coughs
    • Lack of appetite
    • Headache
    • Cold
    • Cough

    Preparation :

    • 1 ½cups of dry yellow mustard in a bathtub of water for sprained backs.
    • Make a paste with water and apply to knee and elbow sprains till blisters appear!
    • 1 tsp. each mustard and ginger powder mixed with 2 ½tbs. of olive oil for deep rattling coughs. Rub over chest and back and put on an old T-shirt (or cover with cloth diaper).
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  27. Nutmeg and mace
  28. Use :

    • Gas
    • Indigestion
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Kidney problems


    • Make a paste of powder with cold water and then add to boiled water. 1 tbs. 1/4 tbs of powdered nutmeg is enough to produce a floating euphoria for hours. Can cause erections for men during that time.
    • Side effects are bone and muscle aches, burning eyes, sinus drainage, and limited diarrhea.
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  29. Onion bulb
  30. Use:

    • Cold
    • Cough
    • Life prolonger
    • Dressing for burns
    • Bee and wasp stings
    • Asthma

    Preparation :

    • Interviews with hundreds of people who lived to 100 plus all indicated a heavy intake of onions in the diet.
    • Onion is an excellent dressing for burns.
    • Crush sliced onions with a little bit of salt and apply to burns.
    • Apply sliced onion to bee and wasp stings.
    • For asthma, puree an onion, cover it with brandy and let sit overnight, strain it, filter it through a coffee filter, and refrigerate. Take 2 tbs. 20 minutes before expected onset or before going to bed.
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  31. Parsley
  32. Use :

    • Purifier
    • Halitosis
    • Tumor inhibitor
    • Kidney stones and other kidney related problems
    • Painful urination
    • Sexual stimulant

    Preparation :

    • Chew for halitosis.
    • A few sprigs provide 2/3 the vitamin C of an orange, lots of vitamin A, and the important amino acid histidine, which is a tumor inhibitor.
    • Parsley tea is good for kidney problems, painful urination, and kidney stones.
    • One cup of parsley to 1 quart of water makes a strong tea. Two cups of parsley to 1 quart of water, steep an hour and drink warm, as an aphrodisiac. In Spain they have found that feeding parsley to sheep will bring them into heat at any time of year!
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  33. Rosemary Tea
  34. Use:

    • Headaches
    • Body aches
    • Breath purifier
    • Aid in digestion of fat
    • Free radicals reducer
    • Stress
    • Headaches
    • Muscular stiffness and pain

    Preparation :

    • Flower tea for the breath.
    • Boil water with rosemary in it to make it safe to drink.
    • Diuretic and liver aid, increases bile flow. Two handfuls of flowering tips into 2 cups of good brandy, soak 10 days, strain and seal. Mouthful twice daily.
    • Oil of rosemary is a natural anti-oxidant, and stress reliever
    • Sniff for headaches.
    • Chop a double handful of twigs and put in a pint of olive oil for one week, and use as a muscle liniment.
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  35. Spearmint
  36. Use :

    • Colds, flus
    • Mild fever
    • Antispasmodic
    • Prevents vomiting
    • Relieves stomach
    • Intestinal gas
    • Diaphoretic
    • Reduces pain
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  37. Tea
  38. Use :

    • Relieve migraines
    • Dental plaque remover

    Preparation :

    • Caffeine relieves migraines.
    • Tea drinkers suffer less hardening of the arteries than coffee drinkers.
    • Black tea kills dental plaque.
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  39. Vinegar
  40. Use :

    • Blood cleanser
    • Arthritis cure
    • Reduce inflammation

    Preparation :

    • Naturally brewed apple cider vinegar is one of the finest blood cleansers and arthritis cures known.
    • Take 1 tbs. per day of equal parts vinegar and honey in water to taste to cleanse the blood and reduce inflammation from arthritis.
    • Be sure to use naturally brewed vinegar, as the white cheap stuff in the grocery store is actually acetic acid, a petroleum by-product, and pretty well useless except as a window cleaner!
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  41. Walnut Hulls, Black
  42. Use :

    • Athletes foot
    • Fungal infections, parasites
    • Abscesses
    • Boils
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  43. Watercress herb
  44. Use :

    • Cold / Flu
    • Purifying blood
    • Soft teeth / Weak bones
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76 replies on “What Everybody Ought to Know About Medicinal Uses Of These 22 Common Spices”

We get away from natural healing but we are coming back again when we read about all the affects medicines are causing.stress is our greatest problem for we live with stress that causes distress. I have been a masseur for 43 years and feel the results of intersticial damage.

Natural remedy for treatment of a natural body.The Indian kitchen is a storehouse of all Ayurvedic medicines for almost all ailments.

As an English major, I recommend not listening to ‘healthcare professionals’ who can’t write properly.

As a parsley sprig please do not make tea out of me, I find the boiling water terribly hot and far too steamy

Nutmeg in that dose can also cause hallucinations. It is not a pleasant high and that is why it is not popular with those who seek “highs”! Also, nutmeg (especially freshly ground) is very toxic to the liver. I had never heard about it affecting erections, but really, don’t try it for that. It would be ruined by the unpleasant druggy draggy foggy feeling that lasts for a full day. Nutmeg also lowers blood pressure, and if you already have low blood pressure taking nutmeg in any significant amount would be dangerous.

Garlic is (presumably useful against) sexually transmitted diseases? Which ones? All of them? Applied where?

Can we get an English major in here to explain this?

These are all great uses! I’ve noticed that vinegar is in the news a lot lately. I use the vinegar with ‘mother’ which some pundits claimed there was no real benefits. Yet, here regular vinegar is being tauted as good stuff. I always stick with what works for me~


The many uses of herbs are not known to everyone. Chamomile tea is used for cramps. I didn’t know about nutmeg. Thanks for the info. Try a tablespoon of sugar and about a tablrspoon of lemon juice, great for softening your hands, or any exposed of your body. If you try it with honey is great for the skin. Lemon is very good for your hair if you want extra shine. Just wake a “light” lemonade, about 2 cups and rinse. Lemon is a very good cleanser for troubled face skin…Ok i can be here all night. 🙂

C, the other thing that is good is steeping some kumquats in water overnight and enjoying in the morning. Yum! Tastes like light, lemony orange juice. 🙂

Nothing was noted about how to use the black walnut hulls. Iam particularly interested in how they are used for abcessess. Thanks

You cut the hull and rub the green hull on the area. I have used it to cure ringworms when my daughter was young.

Um, you ought to update your info on cinnamon and vinegar: they have been found to be tremendous boons to regulating blood sugar. Cinnamon especially has been shown to be truly remarkable: in a study, every member of a prediabetic control group who used cinnamon saw their blood sugar go back to normal.

– caffeine in coffee is used to alleviate headaches (particularly those caused by caffeine withdrawal)

– Caution and common sense must be used to avoid dependency.

Why does this strike me as funny?

Its a strange thing to me that years ago doctors used herbal remedies,but when they started making tremendous amounts of money from higher powered drugs that kill because of side effects then they all of a sudden decided that herbal medications were not trustworthy.Common sense will convince you not to trust a medication that states on the container that it will cause a heart attack,ruin your kidneys and liver,etc,etc.BUYER BEWARE!!

I was interested in what you do with the black walnut hulls to get rid of athlete’s foot. I’m allergic to the over the counter stuff to deal with athlete’s foot, so a natural remedy would be welcome.

Thanks for all that information. I have a kidney stone, 7x5mm, and was looking for some natural help before I give in to having surgical intervention, such as ultrasound.Thanks again.

“As a healthcare professional, I recommend that you not to rely on this information.”

JR. As a sick care professional you can’t afford for people to rely on this information!

Good to note these wonderful boons in the spice cabinet. I hope we all find ways to incorporate these spices in our daily cooking. As a Chef I know that these products will not kill you and using them in the food with a healthy diet by using then seasonally instead of mediaclly will prove that we can have a healthy lifestyle. Do not consider spices to be used as medicines to solve problems, rather, think of them used to prevent problems or to slowly heal the body over a period of time. We as Americans want the wonder drug to fix something now. This is the wrong frame of mind, think of them and use them daily and adjust your diet to incorporate them into your body slowly. In this way you can use them, but not in high doses or large quantities because they can do just as much harm as they can heal. Both SR and JR are correct if looked at in this manner. I try to stay away from perscription drugs and OTC drugs as much as possible and as a Chef I incorporate the freshest ingredients into my menu. I am sure my customers are happy to have Lemon Tea and a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup on a cold winters day. When I feel a little down I just make extra and sell it, the waiters are extreemly happy for this too because they snack on my extras.

i don’t know if this info is correct but i recommened that you put the right info up here and if your lying then your going to ” the place”.

This is all great information, several of these I have used successfully. I only have one point to make … several of these items are not “spices”. Maybe an adjustment to the title is in order?

thank you!!! you are the only one to comment on the fact that most of these aren’t spices!!! that was the first thing i noticed, since the first one on the list is a vegetable…

With marijuana, you can sautée it in butter and add to baking dishes or you can pulverize it and add it to sauces, or you can buy it in many forms from dispensary in states where it is legal.

For Vicky – Gout remedie ( from INDIAN HERBOLOGY OF NORTH AMERICA, A.Hutchens )
– American White Ash (fraxinus excelsior: tea from young leaves – 1 tsp add to 1 cup of boiling water, steep for 20 mins, 2-4 cups / day

Thanks for this list, everyone can derive health benefit from the use of these spices. Another one that could be added is turmeric. It is a good anti-inflammatory, a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent, and some research is now showing it can be effective against cancer.

(air bed) Yes, you are right. Turmeric will be added to the list. Thanks for the mention.

(barbara) You’re welcome, Barbara. Glad to be of service to you. =)

I would add the natural power of the Goji berry. People in the Himalayas have been using them for centuries. Lots of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in them. And I agree, I would go for nature for a good advice rather than going to the doctor.

My Grandmother, born in the first decade of the 1900’s, was a strong advocate of folk medicine, which relies upon natural ingredients. She cured herself of arthritus using apple cider vinegar and water with honey as an option. My Mother also found this treatment helped cure her arthritus. Apple cider vinegar, water and honey also seriously help with weight loss and cleaning out your bodily system. There are a great many health benefits to be derived from natural sources. Learning more about this would be extremely beneficial always keeping in mind that a physicians input is very important for illnesses that would not be positively impacted from natural methods. We are so fortunate to have the benefit of medication that can treat disease. Knowledge is everything.

I personally advocate the use of WHEATGRASS. It singularly is a tremendous healer as well as making your teeth naturally white and is a great way to get your green vegetables. The positive impact of wheatgrass is too huge to explain in this forum. I would strongly suggest you read as much as you can about it and do not be swayed by negative commentary. It has terrific healing components that have not yet been proven by scientific method however its effects have been potent in my life and the lives of others and as it can do no harm to take, common sense suggests you add this to your dietary regimen.

Ginger = no alcohol cravings

My boyfriend and I are living proof. I am shocked. If you know anyone who is battling alcoholic problems try ginger. We bought some at the grocery store, peeled it, grated it with a cheese grater, put it in water and brought to a boil for a while … than drink it warm, let it cool … doesn’t matter.

We initially made it for nausea (flu) … then I wondered why after two weeks, I wasn’t wanting alcohol and my cravings were gone … did some research and found out other people have had success with this.

Hope it helps! 🙂

whenever i feel feverish i’ll make sure that i’ll eat a hot chicken soup with mushroom and garlic.

thanks again!

The so-called “healthcare professionals” have lost their way, pandering to the FDA and Big Pharma, and are fumbling in the dark. Modern medicine is failing us miserably—even killing us. Most have forgotten that all medicine originally consisted of plants, minerals, and/or magic. The day approaches, when a return to the old ways will be imperative to our survival. I would like to add a few points to this listing:
Black pepper (as well as Cayenne) when added to herbal meds, acts as a catalyst to enhance the effectiveness of the medicine.
Coffee can stop asthma attacks.
Ginger suppresses cancers.
Rosemary (as well as Sage, Turmeric, and the herb Prunella vulgaris) taken for a long period, will reverse Alzheimer’s disease.
Turmeric arrests metastasis, and prevents/ cures many types of cancer.
Turmeric dissolves amyloid-beta plaques outside cells, and Prunella dis-
solves the same plaques inside cells, arresting and reversing Alzheimer’s.

Sweet lord some of these are very wrong and cause the symptoms it says to cure!

and some the doses are outrageous!

However some are correct. but I wouldn’t trust the above list for anything you don’t already know. Just find several sources that say the same thing and you should be okay.

Being born in the countryside, these foods are very common to me. I grew up eating these type foods fresh from the farm. Of course, at that time I never knew how substantial the health benefits these foods can offer. Even though not all claims are true, but eating these foods in their natural form can be very helpful towards one’s health.

I always have that #8(Freshly Brewed Coffee). I take about 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily and that’s pure black coffee, sugar-free. There are coffee stores near us which roast coffee regularly and we get our pure coffee from them. At first, when I started drinking sugar-free coffee, it taste horrible. However, those folks are right when they said… When you go black, you never go back.

Anyway, some of these foods are not common for me, except for the common one’s like ginger, onions, garlic, and of course… the vegetables. We consume them fresh and organic.

To be honest, I’m not very familiar with each health benefits for each foods here, but I’m glad I have a reference when I’m checking some herbal books later.

Thank you for sharing such important and vital information. My lineage is that of Kitchen Witch’s. My Grandmother was a wealth of herbal uses for medicinal. Also, on my fathers side, my great grandmother was a Native American Medicine woman, again using herbs instead of toxic drugs to heal. My Irish grandmother started every late Fall making Ginger Snaps that would burn your tongue. We never had colds or flu. God Bless

Garlic is a great remedy for erectile dysfunction. 3 garlic pieces shuld be chopped and eaten early in the morning, fresh.

Garlic has a component that increases blood preasure by disolving the cholesterol on the arteries and therefore also helps with cardiac diseases.

This has helped many men and is a great natural remedy.

Sorry for my English, not mother tonge…

I’ve never heard about the vinegar for inflammation. I’m going to try that.

I worked at a senior home once, and one woman believed that honey kept her healthy. One day she started to get sick after not having honey for a few days, but as soon as her kids brought her honey she was better. The power of belief or the power of honey? I believe it was a little of both.

Probably both, but locally grown honey is shown to reduce symptoms of allergies. If you find yourself with wattery eyes in the spring, see if you can find some LOCALLY sourced honey. The most local is the best as it helps with regional seasonal allergies. I am a naturalist when it comes to medication and many of these remedies are familiar to me and have been successful. I am glad someone added tumeric and goji berries.

Please remove the bit on nutmeg. It might get some people looking for a cheap high into a morgue. While your ‘recipe’ probably won’t kill anyone, people using more could find their ‘dose’ might be fatal.

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