Bad Breath? Here Are 24 Things You Can Do To Keep It Away

Bad breath is not a disease but actually a symptom of an underlying problem. It is generally caused by either one or all of these 3 things. Diet, poor dental hygiene and health problems. It is especially important to keep bad breath at bay during important events like a date or a job interview. Below are 24 things that you can do to keep your breath clean.

  1. Rinse With Water
  2. Even if you have a mouthwash ready in hand, rinse your mouth with water first every time after a meal. It helps dislodge food that is stuck around your teeth and gums and helps to balance the mouth’s pH after ingesting acidic food and beverages.

  3. Gargle Mouthwash
  4. Worth the space at the little corner of your office drawer. As long as it is marked as an antiseptic and reduces plaque, it will help. Oral B and Crest Multicare are two common mouthwash brands dentists recommend.

  5. Brush Your Teeth
  6. Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every meal as it is most effective in preventing cavities.