Coconut Husks Are Unbelievably Useful. Here Are 12 Reasons Why

You may not know this but the husk of the coconut, also known as coir, is made into many products that are used daily like carpets, ropes, door mats, mattresses, car seat covers, brushes, bristles, etc. This fibrous material is tough and highly resistant to sea water. A big bag of coconut husk can cost as little as $10 at the garden or pet supplies store.

  1. Moss Substitute
  2. In horticulture, coir is a substitute for sphagnum moss because it is free of bacteria and fungal spores.

  3. Snail Deterrent
  4. Coarse coir fiber, used as landscape mulch, helps to repel snails and slugs from delicate plantings, unlike bark mulch.

  5. Pathogenic Fungi Control
  6. Coconut coir from Mexico has been found to contain large numbers of colonies of the beneficial fungus Aspergillus terreus, which acts as a biological control against plant pathogenic fungi.